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Howto export Tapes from Library via Backup Exec 2012

Created: 17 Apr 2013 • Updated: 18 Apr 2013 | 12 comments
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Hi there,

i got a problem.

I want to export circa 35 Tapes from my robotic Library (Quantum i500) to the export slots.

How can i do this with Backup Exec 2012?

I have already moved the Media to a Mediavault which is called "Off-Site Fullbackup"

I have associated the Media with a Mediaset.

But i can not tell BE 2012 to export all those tapes which are located in the MediaVault.

Thanks for you answers.



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Hi Sebastian.  I'm reaching out to get you some assistance on this.  Stay tuned.

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Hi Sebastion,

Just need some clarification, are you wanting to have Backup Exec move the media that is already exported to the media vault back to the media set?  Take a look at these two links  and

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to export media, right click on the slot(s) desired and select "export"

You can select more slots/tapes than the portal will hold as BE will fill the portal, request the removal from the portal, then BE will fill the portal and repeat until all the slots have been exported.

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Hi there,

Larry Fine is correct. It will work like these.

For my understanding:

When i want to a Fullbackup off-site i do the following steps, please correct me if i am wrong:

1. I create a Media Set and assoiciate the Tapes.

2. I create a MediaVault, maybe called "off-site fullbackup"

3. Now i export the Tapes via "Slots -> Export"

Am i right?

Thanks for your reply.



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I think there is some confusion here.  When you say export, do you just want to bring the tapes off-site.  If so, all you need to so is to eject the magazines, remove the tapes and run a scan/inventory.  This last step will update the tape status in BE.  Once, BE senses that the tapes are not in the library, they would be marked as offline.

If you want to export tapes to the mail or I/O slots, then you would have to enable the mail or I/O slots in the library.  This is a library function, not a BE function.  Once, the mail or I/O slots are enabled, then you can right-click on a regular slot and select Export.

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Hi pkh,

thanks for your reply.

The I/O Slots are enabled.

What is the correct way to export Media to off-site?

How to do if i need the exported Media to restore?

Do i need the MediaVault function, or is it obsolet?

Thanks a lot.

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What is the correct way to export Media to off-site?

There is no "correct" way to do so.  You can either open the magazine and remove the tapes or export them to the I/O slots.  Normally, people use the second method if they are going to remove just a few tapes from the library.  This is because there is limited I/O slots in the library.  To use the I/O slots for 35 tapes, is a bit labourous.  It would be easier to just remove the magazines. 

How to do if i need the exported Media to restore?

You put them back to the library and do a scan/inventory.  Again, you can remove the magazines, put the tapes in and then do a scan/inventory.  You can also put them in the I/O slots and import them to the regular slots.

Do i need the MediaVault function, or is it obsolet?

You do not need to use the vaulting function to move tapes offsite.

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in case of the need to restore, i put the tapes backup, do a scan/inventory and be will recognize the tapes as part of a fullbackup mentioned in the be databse?

thanks for your fast replies.



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Which inventory is needed?

Inventory or Inventory and Catalog?