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howto move savlog.nsf to another folder/drive

Created: 25 Sep 2012 • Updated: 05 Jun 2014 | 5 comments
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I have Symantec mail security for Domino

Dude to space issues on D: drive (Where domino and sav is installed), I want to move savlog.nsf and savdefs.nsf to another folder. I have created the folders in FILES section accordingly, but the question is how to configure the path in SAV settings ?

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There is no setting in Mail Security for Dominot relocate the path of the savlog or savedefs they must be in the domino domino data path in the SAV folder.

You can enable the purge agent on the databases to try to keep the size down on them. Also if you are not using the savdefs.nsf to replicate the defintions between servers you can remove the database.

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That's wiered blush and how ackward angry

Thank you BenDC for the reply :) I appreciate it.

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Mail Security for Domino reads and writes to and from the databases via domino/notes API calls rather a direct file handle. This means if notes cant find it or access it we can't find it or use it. If you move or delete the any of the following sav.nsf, savlog.nsf, savdefs.nsf when SMSDom starts back up it will create a new one. So if you wish to retain log files you can move them to another location with more space every so often and have SMSDom build a new one.

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Thank you for the briefe explaination Mr. Ben.
I wish there was an option whre we could define log folder path.

I sometimes move user mail box who grows quite big to another drive, its very simple to do by just right click and move that user mail file to another folder. SAV should alsosupport this method.

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as log as it is located in the root of the domino data path it should be fine.