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Howto upgrade fromPGP WDEfor mac 10.1.1 - build 10 to 10.1.2

Created: 27 Jun 2011 | 3 comments


I've download the PGPDesktop 10.1.2MacOSX.tar.gz and want to upgrade a system which currently is

using 10.1.1-build 10. What are the upgrade steps?  The MBP's disk is encrypted.

Does in need to be unencrypted , uninstalled and then re- encrypted?

Or does one just click away on the desktop.dmg?

I can't seem to find any instructions.


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From the Release Notes:

Installation Instructions
To install PGP Desktop on your Mac OS X system:
1. Mount the PGP Desktop disk image.
2. Double-click PGP.pkg.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. If prompted to do so, restart your system.

For additional information, including upgrade instructions, see the PGP Desktop for Mac OS X User's Guide.

Note: If you are upgrading your computer to a new major release of Mac OS X (such as from 10.5.x to
10.6.x) and want to use this version of PGP Desktop, be sure to uninstall any previous versions of PGP
Desktop before upgrading to the new version of Mac OS X and installing this release. Be sure to back up
your keys and keyrings before uninstalling. Note that if you have used PGP Whole Disk Encryption, you will
need to unencrypt your disk before you can uninstall PGP Desktop.

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I *highly* recommend making an unencrypted clone (make sure you exclude /PGPWDE01 and /PGPWDE02) before doing any upgrade.  There are so many issues floating around at the moment that it's cheap insurance.

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SuperDuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner are your friends. I needed to restore via superduper once and it was much esier than building and restoring from traditional backup.