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HP Client Manager: Your suggestions

Created: 26 Jan 2010 • Updated: 24 Aug 2010 | 5 comments
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I'd like to start this thread to look for YOUR suggestions on how to improve HP Client Manager.

What new features would you like to see?

What  current features of HPCM would you like to see improved?

Any recommendations/comments on how to improve the current HPCM Portal Page?

Your (constructive) comments are welcome in improving HPCM.


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the hpcm sensor can detect if the temperature of the cpu is too high. that is a good feature but what is the exact temperature of that cpu?

i did some research on that and i found that the trigger is different for every  model of servers and that they pull that info from WMI. it would be great to know the exact temperature of the cpu or other hardware.

secondly, the HPCM portal in the NS 7 console is providing a lot of usefull information  but we don't have the date column. i would like to know at what time i got an alert. i know that i can found it through a sql request but i would like to see it in that windows.

these are the two main points you guys could ameliorate from my point of view.

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It would be nice if we didn't have to run a task to apply the HP client settings; if the client just got its settings the same way the Altiris Agent does

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Yes, It took a while to figure out that you had to push the agent to the PC, then discover the PC as an HP computer, then push the HP client to the computer... this takes a while and everyone I explain the process to comments about how hard that is (other than waiting overnight for the tasks to handle it)

I would also suggest giving the option to have a list of models to download all the softpaqs for, instead of having to find a computer, put the agent on and then download what was found for that computer. (a checkbox list of all supported computer broken into categories like server, desktop, laptop, tablet etc...)

Maybe have a way to say I want to see what updates are out there for all of my elitebook 2730s, and a one click to push out all the updates for this model... (or a force reinstall?)

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Please refer to my forum posts regarding this for clarification regarding the problems I am still having with using HPCM to manage identification, download and deployment of SoftPaqs:
"Problems with HP Client Manager Configuration - HP SoftPaq Import gets stuck..." - Still unresolved (despite you last post - these processes aren't even running)
"Problem with "Download HP Health Scan SoftPaqs" - 'SP38166'" - This SoftPaq is still being incorrectly listed as being required for download.

I know these are specific forum support requests, I'm not expecting an answer to these in this post, I am providing them to give examples of problems that appear to be systemic in HPCM.

FYI... I have experienced these problems at more than one site and on more than one occasion and am experiencing them currently.

The Wizzard for deploying the SoftPaqs appears to be rather buggy and not particularly user friendly. I can provide more specifics if you like?

Basically, my point is that the whole lifecycle of SoftPaqs within HPCM appears to require some attention.


PS: Please don't take this the wrong way, but I've recently started to use Dell Client Manager and this appears to have had a lot of work done on it. HPCM used to stand head and shoulders above this, but alas this is no longer the case, quite noticeably so, which I do find a little sad. I would love to see HPCM power on to take the lead again.