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HP D2D-Backup Exec Implementation

Created: 19 Mar 2010 • Updated: 16 Oct 2010 | 2 comments


We're trying to implement the HP D2D Robotic Library with Symantec Backup Exec 12 in our office.The thing is we've hit a wall in that aspect.
We've already gotten to the Backup Exec to recognize the unit but,we do some Test runs and they fail.

I have looked on the support page for any infomation regarding this issue and found a PDF regarding the implementation,but so far,nothing.

To anyone who can shed some light on this,it will very appreciated.


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You have not provided any info to help you.
Errors, screenshots, etc.

That said, the HP D2D is either a VTL or a NAS device that you can create a B2D folder on.

With the 12.0 licenses, if you use it as a VTL, it'll cost you a fortune.  Thus, you should just use the CIFS share, and backup to disk.  However, with BE2010, there is a new VTL unlimited license model that makes the devices more affordable from a licensing standpoint...

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

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We've got our HP D2D 2504i working fine with both VTL and NAS share with BE 12.5 and 2010. The one thing we're struggling with is the licensing for the VTL Unlimited Drive Option (VUDO). Our reseller tells us it's per media server - so you can have as many VTL's connected to the media server with one license. But Symantec tech support tell me it's licensed per VTL - so we'd need about 16 licenses for the 2 HP devices, which would cost a small fortune. Fortunately HP have just released a new firmware version for our D2Ds which gives the NAS share functionality, and I'm looking at using that and Backup Exec's backup to disk folder, to get around the licensing issue. The HP deduplication and replication is working great.