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HP Dataprotector not Backing Up Shortcuts

Created: 22 Jun 2010 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 9 comments
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Hello, we are running HP Dataproctector version 6.1.1 to backup our file servers which are enabled for EV (EV version 7.5 sp5). We have noticed that the EV shortcuts are not being backed up. Does anyone know how we can make this happen?

The issue is two fold.

The first issue is that we want to backup our shortcuts regularly in case someone deletes the shortcuts on the fileserver and we need to restore them.
The second issue is that we wish to migrate our fileservers to vmware using a P to V conversion. Our procedure is to backup the data then P to V the system drive then restore the data. If anyone has a better solution to recreate the shortcuts in the new data drive I'm all ears!

The data is being moved to a SAN. Currently it is on drives installed on the server.


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i'm going to guess that its the offline attribute exists on the shortcut and therefor it skips those items

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To virtualize your server you can use VMware vCenter Converter.
With this tool you can make a complete copy of your server to your vmware environment. No need to restore the data afterwards.

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I don't know many companies that would virtualize a file server

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Depending on the size of the company, why not ?
You can put the OS in VMDK file, the files and shares on a RDM LUN (Raw Device Mapping) and you take advantage of all features of Vmware to your fileserver.

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ah nevermind, only read half of the question, didn't realise he was looking to do p2v :)

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Will probably cause the backup job to retrieve the file from the archive which is not what we wish to do. I know Backup Exec has the ability to backup the shortcuts without doing this. We've logged a call with HP to see if this is possible with DataProtector also.

We might try using the VMWare vCenter converter this weekend. The lean to using tape backup and restore is that we recovered a significant amount of disk space last time it was done this way.

I'll report back.


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Details FSABackupMode to stop items being recalled when its being backed up, as well as the ExcludedEXEs registry key to stop certain processes recalling items

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We needed to enable this feature to backup the shortcuts.  It's not a published feature and when we contacted HP they told us it to log an enhancement as it was not a supported feature in dataprotector.

Instead HP has their own file archiving product and after some searching we were able to find the instructions to enable backup of offline files in dataprotector for this product which works for EV also!

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Have the same problem at one customer. What solved your problem?