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HP Ultrium 4 and Backup Exec.....

Created: 17 Aug 2010 • Updated: 20 Sep 2010 | 9 comments
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Hi all,

I have a HP Ultrium 4 SCSI 1760 Tape drive which I have just installed onto a Windows 2000 server.
Device Manager picks it up fine, and all the HP test I run using HP's tool are all successful - so I know the device is working normally.

However, when I open Backup Exec 9.1, it does not see the drive at all??

Is this because my version of Backup Exec is too old and does not support the drive?

I have another server running Backup Exec 10d, and thats using the same Tape Drive fine!

If 9.1 is too old to run this drive, which version should I purchase that I can use safely on Windows 2000 SP4?


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When I look in the HCL of BE 9.x I cannot find Ultrium4.

I am afraid the version 9.0 is too old for Ultrium 4.

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Backup Exec 12.5 would work with it...nothing more as Windows 2000 Server is not supported with newer versions as a media server.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks guys - so I can use any version of Backup Exec between 10d - 12.5 in my scenario?

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Hello Ifti

You need to read the Hardware Compatibility List for each version of Backup Exec to confirm Ultium 4 support and then read the Software Compatibility List for each version of Backup Exec that does support Ultium 4 to verify the Windows 2000 support for a Media Server

Earlier posters have suggested the last version that will support Windows 2000 and the Ulttrium 4 drives as 12.5 - if you want to confirm the other versions then the documents can be found via

As a general recommendation though you should go with 12.5 as the support for the other versions will be reduced and withdrawn soon.

The same comment also applies to Windows 2000 - Microsoft and hardware vendor support is going to be limited as it is an obsolete operating system (which is why the latest version of Backup Exec does not supporty it as a media server.)

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Saying that - when I install 12.5, can I just upgrade from 9.1, or would it be better to uninstall 9.1 first, and do a fresh install of 12.5?

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 You cannot upgrade from 9.1 to 12.5, you will have to uninstall 9.1 and then fresh installation of BE12.5.

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You can only do upgrade installs 2 version back so 9.1 cannot upgrdae to 12.5, you'd have ot upgrade to 10.x or 11.x first

Whether or not an upgrade is a good idea kind of depend if you want to keep you job information, catalogs and media set/retention settings - most people do need to keep this information, but if you don't then a clean install is probably a better option

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All sorted.
Removed 9.1 and installed 12.5.

I have a test backup running at the moment, after which I will restore a couple of files just to ensure all is well.
But all seems to be working fine.