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http to https - Do I need to rebuild shortcuts?

Created: 01 Nov 2012 • Updated: 02 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Taken out of the Install Guides...

*If you change the port after items have been archived, existing shortcuts will no longer work. Shortcuts in Outlook and Lotus Notes can be updated with the new protocol or port information using Synchronize mailboxes in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console, but customized shortcuts, FSA shortcuts and SharePoint shortcuts cannot be updated.*

Changing EV site from http to HTTPS - Do I still need to rebuild shortcuts if the shortcuts in question are custom, but do not have banner URL links or attachment links?


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The shortcut may open fine , you would need to create the links for the attachment i.e recreate shortcutbody

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How or whether it affects Outlook will depend on your shortcut content policy.

If your shortcut content policy says to have attachments as links.  They'll be broken, and will need to be rebuilt.

If your shortcut content policy says that attachments are 'none' or 'text'.  Then the shortcuts will be fine.  Accessing an archived item on the new port/protocol will be changed when the mailboxes are next synchronised.

Make sense?

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just cos you switch from http to https, doesn't necessarily mean that the links won't work, it will only fail if you tell IIS that it requires SSL and will only accept https calls, then you would need to rebuild the shortcuts

But without that box checked, it will accept both http and https and the links will work fine without having to rebuild them