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Huge amount on Items awaiting backup & Centera (replicated and non-replicated)

Created: 30 May 2012 • Updated: 04 Jun 2012 | 8 comments
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I detected a huge amount of items awaiting backup in an installation with a stand-alone Centera (9,000,000+ items) and have been working on the VS databases to get rid of the savesets waiting for replication, but the items awaiting backup start growing again as expected (as new emails are bieng archived to Centera).

I checked in other two EV installations with Centera (one of them is being replicated indeed) and found the same thing.

Every technote I´ve found about this behavior except one points to the fact that the replication queue at Centera is not being emptied (items are not being replicated successfully) but in one of the stand-alone Centera scenarios the EMC administrator claims there´s no such thing as a a replication queue in a Centera that is not being replicated.

I found this technote about permissions on the default Centera pool when using a PEA file to access a dedicates pool which is our case and I´ll try to apply it and see what happens:

Obviously I´m not a Centera expert. Any idea?


Jose Luis

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With the centeras when you configure the IP address for the partition, the next thing it will do is pull back the Replica Centera IP address, this is not something you can fill out in the VAC, as it is something that is gotten from a centera API call.

the way it works is in an After Backup scenario, the item gets written to the primary Centera, and then EV does a Clip_Exists() call to the IP address of the replica Centera, if it then comes back and says ClipExists then it will set the BackupComplete to 1

If you do not have a replica centera, then you should always do "Immediately After Archive" on the vault store partition and not after backup, as this will simply wait to find the item from the replica when the replica doesn't exist

So you need to make sure that the IP address is correct and that it is accessible via the same PEA file authentication methods that you use for your primary centera.

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In the Directory database, table PartitionEntry, check the value of IgnoreBackup column.

It might be that needs changing.


Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Just FYI

if you have Centera viewer installed, and can get a cli to the offending unit, you can try

'show replication detail'

and just see what that looks like. Will detail the state of the replication setup (if enabled, destination IPs, queue lengths etc etc)

I'd say its the 'Remove safety copies' setting, as JW2 mentioned

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Thanks all,

I´ll check your suggestions.

Jessuwept2: Yes.... Replica IDs are there and were added by EV when the PEA file was added but I´ll check if the replica IP addresses are accessible through the same PEA file.

I´ll check and tell you about the results.


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Almost forgtot: In all cases, Remove safety copy "Immediately After Archive" is selected.


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I did my homework and 'show replication detail' brings the output "Replication is disabled", so I guess replication configuration may be discarded.

After reading  as suggested by GertjanA I see we have exactly the same case. Suppprt asked us some time ago to run the SQL script:

Set IgnoreBackup = 1 where PartitionEntryId = 'Id_of_Centera_Partition'

Makes sense but we don´t want a keep running this script once a day or week to get rid of the items awaiting backup.

At the end of the same thread ( JesusWept mentions a "Super Secret Registry Setting" to be asked to support.

Is that setting still a "Super Secret" and should call tech support or... Can anybody provide it? I guess this is the solution I´m looking for.

Thanks again!

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you only set the SQL once, it will never revert back, only time you would need to run it is when you create a new partition.

As for the super secret way, its a dev only registry key, there was a technote released sometime ago and pulled almost quickly as it was published.

Talk to support about it as I don't really want it to posted on the forums

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Yes, it runs once and does not revert but items awaiting backup start growing again for the new archived items.

Will contact support. Thans again!

Jose Luis