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Hwo To Configure Catalog Policy Notificaion to send Email-Attachment

Created: 27 May 2013 • Updated: 28 May 2013 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello ,

I have Symantec Netbackup 7.0.1 that Run at Windows server 2008 R2 64

i need to Configure Catalog_Policy to send the DR files attached with the Notification Mail

so Hwo Can I do this ?

PS:: i had Enabled the Notification with Netbackup+ checked send in an Email attachment (Recommended) .

i get the mail from Netbackup with the Following body :-




      Mon May 27 14:20:59 2013



Catalog Backup Status

      the requested operation was successfully completed (status 0).

To ensure that the NetBackup catalog data is protected through Mon May 27 14:20:59 2013, retain a copy of the attached file, and the media  or files listed below:

Catalog Recovery Media

        Media Server     Media ID     Image File Required

      * svnetbkup        D895L4       New_Catalog_Policy_1369657424_FULL

      * svnetbkup        D895L4       New_Catalog_Policy_1369657263_FULL

DR file written to


* - Primary Media

Catalog Recovery Procedure for the Loss of an Entire Catalog

You should create a detailed disaster recovery plan to follow should it become necessary to restore your organization's data in the event of a disaster.  A checklist of required tasks can be a tremendous tool in assisting associates in triage.  For example, after the facility is safe for data to be restored, the power and data infrastructure need to be verified.  When these tasks are completed, the following scenarios will help to quickly restore the NetBackup environment, and in turn, restore applications and data.

Disaster Recovery Procedure using the DR Image File

In the event of a catastrophic failure, use the following procedure to rebuild the previous NetBackup environment.

Note: If new hardware is required, make sure that the devices contain drives

capable of reading the media and that the drive controllers are capable of mounting the drives.

      1. Install NetBackup.

      2. Configure the devices necessary to read the media listed above.

      3. Inventory the media.

      4. Make sure that the master server can access the attached DR image file.

      Start the NetBackup Recovery Wizard from the NetBackup Administration

      Console.  Or, start the wizard from a command line by entering

            bprecover -wizard.

Disaster Recovery Procedure without the DR Image File

NOTE: ONLY ATTEMPT THIS AS A LAST RESORT If you do not have the attachment included with this email, use the following instructions to recover your catalog (If using OpenStorage disk pools, refer to the Shared Storage Guide to configure the disk pools instead of step 2 and 3 below ):

      1. Install NetBackup.

      2. Configure the devices necessary to read the media listed above.

      3. Inventory the media.

      4. Run:

            bpimport -create_db_info [-server name] -id D895L4

      5. Go to the following directory to find the DR image file


         C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\db\images\svnetbkup\1369000000\tmp

      6. Delete the other files in the directory.

      7. Open New_Catalog_Policy_1369657424_FULL file and find the BACKUP_ID

      (for example: svnetbkup_1369657424).

      8. Run: 

            bpimport [-server name] -backupid svnetbkup_1369657424

      9. Run:

            bprestore -T -w [-L progress_log] -C svnetbkup -t 35 -p New_Catalog_Policy -X -s 1369657424 -e 1369657424 /

      10. Run the BAR user interface to restore the remaining image database

      if the DR image is a result of an incremental backup.

      11. To recover the NetBackup relational database, run:

            bprecover -r -nbdb

      12. Stop and Start NetBackup

      13. Configure the devices if any device has changed since the last


      14. To make sure the volume information is updated, inventory the media

      to update the NetBackup database.

Operating Systems:

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my simple question is ((is it possible to make netbackup send DR files 2K with notifiaction Email ??!)

Rusty Major's picture

I don't understand your question. You are asking how to get NBU to send the DR file along with the email notification, but based on what you posted above, you are getting the email, which will also have the DR file attachment.

Could you try to rephrase your question?'s picture

Can i make symantec send the Catalog backup Via Email ?

and How can i do this ?

Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

Have you already written and places mail_dr_info.cmd?
NetBackup does not use nbmail.cmd while sending DR info as attachment, and use mail_dr_info.cmd instead. Please read System Administrator's Guide Volume II for more detail. You have already configured nbmail.cmd, so writing mail_dr_info.cmd is easy task for you.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

SOLUTION's picture

dear Yasuhisa,

many thanks for your Help,

but Could you Please Guide me with More Details .

thanks .'s picture

dear all ,

i had Configure to send mail with Symantec Netbackup to attache DR files with the Notification mail

by using

mail_dr_info.cmd .

thanks all.