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Hyper-V and SEMS 3.3.1

Created: 02 Oct 2013 | 7 comments


I try to install SEMS 3.3.1 on hyper-v 2008 R2 and get messge "Could not allocate requested partitions. Partitioning failed: Could not allocate requested partitions as primary partitions. Not enough space left to create partition for /boot. Press OK to reboot your system."

How i can fix it?

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Although the sad thing is that 3.3.0 works perfectly and the article was last updated on 2012/03/16.

Will just have to wait for someone with better Linux skills then me to build a driver disk cheeky

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Yea I agree.  If it works it works perfectly, but if you encounter a problem Symantec won't help, so I never recommend installing it to anyone for that very reason.

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There is a feature request for Hyper-V support here:

Though officially unsupported, I can say that I have seen several installations of Hyper-V functioning at least relatively normally.  I will also say that I have not seen one that works with Encryption Management Server version 3.3.1.

If you subscribe to the feature request, you will be notified by email when a version that Supports Hyper-V is available.

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my customers also tried to install fresh 3.3.1 , and it's not working, getting same error. as told before and before they bought the license -> it's not supported ;-)

it works fine with 3.3.0_MP3 .. but ... ermm.. -> not supported ;-)

same counts for XenServer from Citrix..

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If possible, have your customers ask for this and then Symantec can add them to the Hyper-V feature request. As more and more customers are added to a particular feature request, Product Management gets a clearer signal that actually a lot of companies are using Hyper-V and that it could be worth to invest development resources to getting the correct platforms supported. So that your customers are no longer bound to VMware (which is officially supported) or a physical machine. The same counts for Xen or any other virtualisation software.

I am no longer a Symantec employee.

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We have done some early work to see what it would take to provide support. But if you would find the feature useful then I would encourage you to submit your feedback on the ideas portion of this site found here:

Then others can comment and vote up your feature request and it will be viewable by Symantec Product Management.

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