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Hyper-V Selections - Cluster Environment

Created: 08 Mar 2012 | 3 comments


I want to backup my VM's, I have installed the agents, I can see the VM's under the cluster environment.  I have seperated my VM's and my VHD's.  Should I be backing up my VM folder which holds all the virtual machines configuration and the VHD folder, which holds the HDD for that VM?  Or just the VM, then when it comes to restore time, I will have to re-create the VHD first, then restore the VM?

Thanks for your help

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If you select the folder it means that any new servers that are added to Hyper-V would automatically be added in Backup Exec.

If you select each server explicitly, you'd need to add new servers to your selection list manually.

here are a couple of links regarding Hyper-V which you should read up on for further information:

Requirements for using the Hyper-V agent:

Hyper-V FAQ (says R2 but applies to R3 as well!:

Best Practices:

You should also get hold of the BE 2010 R3 Admin guide:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hi CraigV

Thanks for your reply.  I have read over those links.

What I was meaning, is the VM's configuration and hard drives are in seperate folders / location on the cluster.  Should I be backing up the folder with the VM's configuration and the folder that holds the virtual hard drives?  Or is the configuration more important come restore time, or restore both the virtual machine folder and the virtual machine hard drive folder?  I understand about selections when a new virtual machine is added.

Also I ran a test on Friday night on just backing up the virtual machines configuration folder, it appeared to be backed up fine, is it normal when you look at restore options on the tape and see the virtual machine configuration folder on tape, but its empty?


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I wouldn't back up the VMs as a whole and then the folders'd most likely end up with duplicate data being backed up.

If you're doing GRT backups to tape, it would have to stage to disk, but not sure if it would show a blank. Duplicate 1 of those VMs to disk, if you have space, and then see what shows up there when you try restore from the disk image.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: