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Hyper-V server with 140gb "catalog" every night

Created: 11 Jul 2014 | 3 comments

Just installed 2014 (14.1) and am trying it out on my Windows2012R2 hyper-V server.

The server itself is unchanged, the virtuals inside don't have much going on but I am getting a 16gb incremental backup each night and then a 140gb "catalog" every night.

Can anyone help with what is going on and how I can change this behaviour before I run out of space? I can't handle a tb per week of "incrementals"


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I suspect if you look at your disk usage that it has not used 140GB and that it is some kind of cosmetic/display condition. Could be an idea to log a formal support case for us to take a proper look at it.

EDIT: Possibly of more concern is that failed Incremental that does not seem to be followed by a full. This might make the following incrementals as potential suspects for being unreliable and you should run a full ASAP

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I think the size is correct, because Backup Exec has to reasembly the chain of inkrements to create a catalog of the incremental. Hyper-V increments are blockdata, which cannot be read without reasambling the whole chain of increments.

So it has to go through the whole 140GB to create it.

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I am going to ask Symantec if this is actual disk used on my backup drives or space used inside the database or some kind of fake number.

If its real, I suspect I won't be able to use the fancy new virtual backup process as I can't handle that amount of data in either place... hmmm, 5 virtuals @140gb per night = 5tb per week of either disk or database/index