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I am TOTALLY confused. File server backups are not working correctly

Created: 12 Jun 2013 | 6 comments

OK. I had to reset my file server backup for one reason or another. I picked individual folders from the C:\ drive as in the picture below. This is how i've ALWAYS done this. So it appears that it is going to backup what I told it too. it did not, in spades.


This next screen shot shows the 'successful ' backup from last night, and the expanded section below shows what i've come to notice is the REAL backup of the folders I selected above:

folder selection.png

Notice how the first part, where I have selected individuals like on the one labeled C:\ show up but they are TOTALLY EMPTY. not to mention i've no idea 1.) how having the C:\ drive selected picked up my individual users (some of which I specifically excluded which I don't get) and 2.) how I got it to do that in the first place. Like I said i'm used to picking individual users. Do I have to (I wonder) select the C:\ drive, expand that and then pick the users instead of just picking them OUTSIDE of the C:\ drive (yes, i'm that confused). This next screenshot shows my 'successful ' full back up from last night which...has nothing. Notice the last date which is august of last year:

backupsets_0.pngThere is nothing from last night even though it states succssful. All I got was system state:


You know what else I noticed. the saves show everyone I TOLD IT NOT TO SAVE. Am I supposed to only check users I DO NOT want to backup? like i said I don't remember it being like this. thanks in advance for all your help and I know I put a lot on so i'll clarify when needed.


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CraigV's picture check (select) what you want to backup. Everything unchecked should not be included in a backup at all.

If you selected the entire C:\ drive, it would backup everything. However, you could then deselect what you want to included. This just means that anything added under a root directory would not automatically be included in a backup if it was added in Windows.

The other thing to do is select the C:\ and then put in exclusions for what you don't want to backup. However, this might end up becoming difficult to manage depending on what you need to exclude.


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what happend wrong then? as you can see by the first and second pictures: the first picture I specifically selected what I wanted to backup. notice the users that don't have the arrows next to them; i try to expand their drives and they are empty. even though it says 'fully selected' at the top, it selected none of those users at all. the only time it worked was when i selected the users UNDER THE ROOT of the C:\ drive.

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Hello Gossett,

    Are you saying that you select the entire drive and then uncheck the resource that you do not want and then after running the backups it does not backup anything??

If so then refer to this technote which addresses this issue. : Backup job reports successful but it skips the data from the volume silently

As per the above technote install Hotfix 199866 to resolve the issue

Backup Exec 2012 Rev 1798 Hotfix 199866 -



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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no. i'm actually trying that now. I selected the whole drive then unchechecked what I didn't want. I'm running a full backup and watching it and it appears (as much as it can) that it is working. My very first screenshot shows what I see as soon as I set up the backup: all the user folders available to check. that doesn't work. It would appear the way that does work is selecting the whole drive then deselecting what I don't want. I guess i'm just confused why BE would show all those folders to be availabe to fully select when it won't work (the way that works being how we mentioned above).

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In your backup selections can you show a screenshot of the text list of what is selected

We have seen issues with backups where because of where you deselected objects (which adds an exclude) exactly where the exclude sits in the resources tree can block later includes. Usually the text view of what is selected can give the game away

If it is this the best methods to avoid it are a choice of

   Deselect everything at the highest level and then only select what you want to include


  If you must use an Exclude at a folder level, do not use an Include applied to any subfolders of that Excluded folder. (The technote referred to by Sush does apply to this however it is possible that that fix does NOT handle all combinations of excludes that could have a similar effect.)

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Sorry, no text view. I was going to try my idea about selecting the whole C:\ drive and then deselecting what I didn't need. It does appear to be working so I guess my main question still remains: why does Backup Exec show those folders being able to be selected and then not back anything up. I'm going to try that hotfix that Sush suggested as well.