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I am unable to log into DLP 9.0 after install

Created: 13 Jul 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments
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Can any one tell me the solution of this

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Linux or windows?
Any error messages?

Marie C. Coon

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Symantec US KM Team

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Please let us know the types of error messages that you are receiving.  This will really help in identifying the problem.


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have you upgraded you DLP 8.0 to 9.0? because if you have upgrde you DLP 8.0 to 9.0 it will not genrate a license key the license key of you DLP will work to 9.0.. what kind of error are you having?

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Really depends on what error message you are getting,  It is best to start with the tomcat logs \Vontu\Protect\Logs\Tomcat - and look for the newest localhost*

Stop and Start the Vontu Manager service.
Attempt login again.
If you are still failing to login you may want to verify the account in question is not locked.

You can reference this public KB for how to verify if you have locked accounts.

Article ID: 42376
Unable to Log in to the UI: The Enforce Server Locks Out the Administrator

Applies To
• Vontu Oracle-Database

Problem Summary
The administrator is unable to login to the Enforce Server.

The following instructions work only in the case where the server account for the administrator is locked.
To unlock the administrator account:
  1. From the command prompt, type: sqlplus /nolog.
  2. Next, type: connect protect/<password>.
  3. Type in the following SQL query:  SQL> Select userid,name,datelockedout from protectUser;
  4. NOTE: scroll up the list of account names and IF you see a date under the account name that means the account is locked.
  5. Update protectUser set datelockedout = NULL where userid = <place administrator ID here>;
    Note: To make sure the account is unlocked run step 4.
  6. In the command prompt, type commit;
If the previous instructions do nothing to unlock the administrator account, do the following:
  1. Check to see whether you can log in to the Oracle DB Server.
  2. If the log in to Oracle results in an "idle instance" error, for example, through the following steps:
    1. In the command prompt, type: sqlplus /nolog.
    2. In the SQL*Plus prompt, enter: conn sys/password as sysdba.
    3. Does it say something like: Connected to an idle instance.?
  3. If step 2 is the case, start the database instance. 
To unlock the administrator account:
  1. At the SQL*Plus prompt, type startup.
  2. If the outlined steps do not yield a success, provide the following items to support:

Jim Martin | Sr. Technical Support Engineer |
Data Loss Prevention, Symantec

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