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I can fing the archive name and export to pst, but if I try to export the same Archive to original mailbox I cant find the user

Created: 16 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 14 comments
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Our environment contains vault version server with windows 2008 R2 OS, 4 exchange server 2003 and OS 2003, and 1 server with exchange 2010 and OS 2008 R2

, the provisioning task is working fine, also the run for shortcuts processing  working

 I'm able to export archive to PST, I can find the specific  user, but when I try to export the archive to the original mailbox of  the same user it's says: no , mailbox found

, its the same user that I've exported the archive to PST, cant find the problem, theres no errors in the event log

  no changes were maid to vault server and no changes were maid to exchange servers

,please need help

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the user is enabled and active, not hidden,

when I open enterprisevault/archiveexplorerui.asp

I see there's no archived items in the user mailbox, bat when i try to export to PST , I found 158 archived items,

also when I open the user outlook I can find archived items, but cannot restore them to mailbox

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Do you have archiving task for both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010?

If yes, do you have "DS Server" registry key set on EV Server? Can check the value of this key if its present.

It looks like GC or address lookup failure.

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Do you see any event in the logs? And is Exchange 2003 mailboxes archived without issue?

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,no error on the event log, the provisioning task completing successfully 

  the archiving task also working fine without errors,

the problem is when I try to restore archived items to original mailbox, some users I can find and some users not, 

there is no difference between the EXCH servers

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When you export an archive to PST, Enterprise Vault doesn't check the mailbox. I'm assuming that the mailbox you are trying to export directly is still in the Exchange 2003 servers. If the mailbox was moved to Exchange 2010, since you don't have an archiving task in the Exchange 2010 server, Enterprise Vault can't see it, which might explain this behavior.

When you open Outlook, if you try to open an archived item (EV shortcut), can you open it? If not, you need to confirm where is the mailbox located. If the mailbox in in Exchange 2010, then you need to make sure you configured the Exchange 2010 server correctly in the EV console and that you run the provisioning task; thus, Enterprise Vault can see the mailbox is now in the Exchange 2010 server.

You might need to use this TN to link the mailbox with the old archive:

I hope this helps!!

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the mailboxes is located in Exchange 2003,

in exchange 2010 there is no mailboxes with archived items,

and yes when i open the user outlook and try to restore the archive item its fails, I've try to reboot the SQL server , and now on the event viewer there is an error 'unable to access to process manager'

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I'm not saying the provisioning task is failing, i'm saying that the user just isn't provisioned at all.

Could you run these queries for us and let us know what the results are??

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT A.ArchiveName "Archive", 
       A.ArchiveStatus "Archive Status",
       EME.MbxArchivingState "Mailbox Archive State",
       EME.MbxExchangeState "Mailbox Exchange State",
       EME.LastModified "Last Provision Date",
       EME.PolicyTargetGroupEntryId "Provisioning Group ID"
FROM   Archive A, Root R, ExchangeMailboxEntry EME
WHERE  A.RootIdentity = R.RootIdentity
  AND  R.VaultEntryId = EME.DefaultVaultId
  AND  A.ArchiveName = 'Your User'
USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT EME.MbxDisplayName "Mailbox Name",
       ESE.ExchangeComputer "Exchange Server",
       EMS.Name "Exchange Database Name",
       PTG.DisplayName "Provisioning Group",
       EME.LastModified "Last Provision Date"
FROM   ExchangeMailboxEntry EME,
       ExchangeMailboxStore EMS,
       ExchangeServerEntry ESE,
       PolicyTargetGroup PTG
WHERE  EME.PolicyTargetGroupEntryId = PTG.PolicyTargetGroupEntryId
  AND  EME.MbxStoreIdentity = EMS.MbxStoreIdentity
  AND  EMS.ExchangeServerIdentity = ESE.ExchangeServerIdentity
  AND  EME.MbxDisplayName = 'Your User'
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There might be chance that user is disabled from EV.

If you run Enable Mailbox wizard and select "Disabled user" then check whether that user is display or not.

If it display it means that user is disable from EV.



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Hello again.

In the Enterprise Vault console, expand to targets, exchange. rightclick Exchange, click 'display policies assigned to Mailboxes...'. Enter usersname, and see if he shows.

Verify the mailbox is on the exchangeserver you think it is on. Verify it is in a provisioning group.

When ok, login on the EV server as VaultServiceAccount. Create a profile to open the users mailbox. Does that work?

Ask user if he can restore an item himself. If that works, there must be something wrong in our selection. Perhaps it is time to call Symanetc Support, so you can work with them to get this resolved. It might be something easy like a change name, but it might also be a corruption somewhere.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS