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I can't backup Lotus Domino files with BE2012

Created: 22 Jan 2013 | 8 comments


We buy Backup Exec 2012 with Lotus domino agent (Databases and applications)

We have the license and the Lotus Domino Agent was installed.

But, when we want to select the databases to backup, it not appears on the list. In fact the list is empty.

What can be the reason? How we can solve it?

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1) What version of Domino are you using?  Check the SCL below to make sure that it is supported.

BE 2012 SCL

2) Push out the remote agent again to the Domino server.

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Please check below link



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I have a Lotus Domino 8.0.2

I push out the remote agent, and reinstalled... it does nothing.

I followed the instruccions of the TECH165059, we still in the same situation.

I don't understand what happens... If I put a NSF database on the C: drive I can back up it, but the NSF files on the E: Drive (where are all of NSF files) don't appear on the list.

What can I do?

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What OS are you using for the Domino server?

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I using Windows 2003 Server.

The KB not helps :-( .. i'm still in the same situation,

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1) I vaguely remember a similiar discussion some time ago.  Check your notes.ini for where the path to the .nsf files files on your E: drive is specified.  I can't remember whether you need to put a backwards slash at the end of the path or you must remove the backward slash.  Try both.  You would need to restart the Domino service after each change.

2) Alternatively, you can log a case with Symantec for them to look at the problem.

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I found the discussion that you refers. I checked if the Path to the .nsf files on notes.ini are correct. It's correct.

Also I checked on registry of windows, and that's correct too.

I already opened a Case with Symantec, they are looking too, but until now we don't have any solution.

I thought that the problem resides in the configuration on Lotus Domino, but I can solve it.