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I create bkf in the NAS with many file 1...2....3..4, how can i located them in console

Created: 09 Apr 2014 • Updated: 27 Apr 2014 | 3 comments
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Before ...the content and the datasnapshot can likt to the object / files i knwo which bkf contain the data i want.

But how it just show snap shot and i dont know which file is belongthe sdate of my backup copy

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so you wont see that untill you enable the registry key , as the media for disk is handled by data lifecycle management now , this not neccessary to see the media's like before. But yes you  list them if you want to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\User Interface

VALUE NAME: ShowHiddenMedia
VALUE: 1 - Show all media
                0 - Do not show all media



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...I think the OP is actually asking about how to see what files are in specific *.bkf files, in which case unhiding the physical *.bkfs won't help.

barry: You can't see what's in a particular *.bkf. You don't need too. Creating multiple *.bkf files is simply a way of splitting backups up and ensuring you don't have 1 large file that, if it corrupts, ends up in total data loss.

You can do a normal restore as you would with tape, and BE will automatically pull that file from the relevant *.bkf file.

Otherwise see if there is a report that pulls the details of the file contents from these B2D files. catdump.exe MIGHT be an option too.


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You can of course look in the job logs of the jobs which do list the media used by that job

Couple of ways to help find the job logs:

1) The creation date and time of the BKF file will narrow down which job(s) might have created them

2) If you do the following steps you can find the job log file(s) that relate(s) to the BKF file

a) Open a command prompt on the media server

b) Change directory to the job logs folder (default is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data

c) Enter the command

FIND "B2D000001.bkf" *.xml >JobList.txt

(obviously change the bkf file name to one you are interested in)

d) Open the JobList.txt file and search for the same bkf file name inside the text file - this will tell you the name of the XML file that is the job log for the job that created it.


You can open a job log .xml file just be aware that it will not have all the formatting you usually see in the BE console however you should be able to work out the job name and date and then use that to find it in the BE console.

If you run duplicate, inventory or catalog jobs jobs then the .bkf might appear in more than one job log

Older versions of Backup Exec also allowed appending to a bkf meaning in those versions they could appear in more than one backup job log