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I Feel sorry about the PMs of BE2012

Created: 14 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

I'm an Engineer which uses BE from the vesions of BE 8.5 i loved this product category. i got the certification of BE specialist 10d too.

Recently i've upgraded BE2012 from 12.5d & i started to hate this product & started to feel sorry for the development team as i really see a very lack of knowledge of the practical usage of this product category.

job monitoring is a time consuming process (If you have in mind how a persion with 20 tape drives monitor the jobs by accessing each drive related to each job u never do this design).

job history is same.

SQL servers can not be backup as the selection list can not be created.

when check the catelog hard to find the place of the job name where it dificult to verify whether the data has been written to the desired tape.

also the job history details can not be copied & paste where it's difficult to manage manual reports. etc

Tape inventory & eject is not happening well.

data restoring is a nightmare as finding the desired data is hard.

Please do something.

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It's well-known and well documented on Connect.

Check below for the Beta programme for BE 2012 R2 and see if you can hop on this:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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I know what you mean Ninty, it is a right pigs ear. Went on training recently and nearly everyone is saying the same thing, the fact that they are bringing back the old style job monitor screen says a lot. At least 2nd quarter 2013.

However a lot of the stuff you are talking about is actually available, they have just moved it all about, coming frrom v8/9 you have a lot of catching up to do.

Job Monitoring (did you see the View All button?)

SQL will need the applications and database license / agent purchased ; )

Catalog /data restore - Id say the search function is the best part of the "improved" version. Quick, wildcards etc

You seem to have a few buggy issues, perhaps you should get the SP1 and latest patches?


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There is a consistent stream of important updates the developers working round the clock are releasing.  Just a couple of days ago one was release that resolves many virtual and database issues.