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I know I cannot move the SEP 11 VirusDefs folder, but what about this?

Created: 05 Apr 2013 | 5 comments

Hi all and thank you for your help in advance.


As many others before me I am experiencing the problem with low disk space on a Windows Server 2003 box. The folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs is sitting at about 1.2GB right now and is working correctly, as there is 3 definition folders (current and last 2)


From doing research I understand that this folder cannot be moved as this is the default location for Symantec to share files from.

What about this?

I know this is not a Symantec supported solution but has anyone had experience or successfully implemented the following?

* junction.exe utility from ( With this utility you can make symbolic link from folder on C: drive to another folder on another local drive. 

Are there any issues with this?

I saw a post about turnning down the number of stored definition files, are there any issues associated with this? Can I adjust this on a per client basis (for clients with low disk space?)

* If you go to Admin > Right Click on the Local Site > Properties > You could go to the Database Tab and change the database size as per your requirement... (now that stands for the Database size ....)

Since your Concern is the Virus Defintions Folder Size....

Go to Admin > Right Click on the Local Site > Properties > You could go to the Liveupdate Tab

Change the Diskspace Management for Download from 3 to 2 or lower (as per your requirement)

(by default it is 3days)

I am always open to other ideas if there are any as I have trimmed that fat from Windows as much as I can already.


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Brɨan's picture

Have a loko at this KB article as it may be informative for you:

How to use a new Drive or Partition to host the Symantec Endpoint Protection content directory without reinstalling

padding: 1px;padding-bottom: 3px ;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Article:TECH103808 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;"> |  padding: 0px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Created: 2008-01-25 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;"> |  padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Updated: 2012-05-08 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;"> |  padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;">Article URL

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mhartman's picture

I see although that article is for the SEP manager you could "redirect" the virusdefs folder in the same way as long as you have a dedicated partition?

The virusdefs folder should not grow more than about 2GB correct? So if I was only able to allocate a 3GB partition I should be good? 

Rafeeq's picture

More or the same procedure for SEPM too, try this

How to use junction.exe to work around disk full issue during NetBackup catalog restore
mhartman's picture

Are there any drawbacks\issues to turning down the number of stored definition files? 

Rafeeq's picture

Not that I know of, by setting it to 3, you will be saving 1 day definitions. In case if you want to revert back   only then you need to save 3 days or more definition. For DB space. 3 will be more than enough less than that is not recommended