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I met a interesting situation about a jfs2 system on vxvm ?which guy can give some advices,thanks!

Created: 18 Jun 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

I used to make a jfs2 file system on vxvm,and the file system isn't enough ,so I want to extend the file system, I tried to use chfs command and fsadm,but it is fail.

So i want konw it is a method to resolve it? which guys can give me some advices ,.thanks a ton!

 tail:  create the jfs2 filesystem on vxvm
ixp650 #mkfs -V jfs2 -o log=INLINE /dev/vx/rdsk/wddg/testvol

mkfs: destroy /dev/vx/rdsk/wddg/testvol (yes)? y

logform: Format inline log for <y>?

File system created successfully.

151340 kilobytes total disk space.

Device /dev/vx/rdsk/wddg/testvol:

Standard empty filesystem

Size: 302680 512-byte (DEVBLKSIZE) blocks

aixp650 #mount -V jfs2 -o log=INLINE /dev/vx/dsk/wddg/testvol /test

aixp650 #df -k

Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on

/dev/hd4 655360 183144 73% 2780 7% /

/dev/hd2 2949120 1509872 49% 20225 6% /usr

/dev/hd9var 4194304 995564 77% 1360 1% /var

/dev/hd3 6553600 616984 91% 21985 14% /tmp

/dev/hd1 65536 65160 1% 6 1% /home

/proc - - - - - /proc

/dev/hd10opt 4390912 3710716 16% 6951 1% /opt

/dev/vx/dsk/wddg/testvol 153600 151196 2% 4 1% /test

above are create the jfs2 filesystem on vxvm.

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Did you try using vxresize command or vxassist command...
i can give you the command usage,
vxresize -g <dg name> <volume name> <length> alloc=<disk name>

You need to specify the length to be the usable size of the free disk which you are allocating. For ex. +50G inorder to add 50GB to the existing filesystem.

another option which you can use when you have free blocks on the existing disk allocated is,

vxassist -g <dg name> growby <volume name> <length>

Gaurav Sangamnerkar's picture


Since its a VXVM Volume & AIX jfs2 filesystem..  I would think to use "vxassist" to resize the volume & chfs (I hope this is equivalent of fsadm in AIX) to resize filesystem, In HPUX this command is extendfs I believe..


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