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I need to clone a windows 7 hard drive to a new bootable hard drive

Created: 03 Aug 2011 • Updated: 03 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

I was going through the process of trying the copy disk funtion to make a clone, but i was confused at some of the options.I need to know how, or if i can do this successfully.

I have a windows 7 machine with a 3.5" 500 gb hard drive. i removed the harddrive and i am using an external sata to usb adapter to connect it.

I have a windows 2008 server with BESR 2010.

I want to clone the windows 7 hard drive (that i removed) to a new 2.5" 500 gb hard drive (that will replace it). (i am doing this so i can fit more drives in the computer case of the windows 7 machine.)

The new drive was temporarily used on a Mac OSX Snow Leopard machine just for a little extra storage. I formated it with the Mac OSX machine to a MS-DOS (FAT) format. So it could be read/recognized when connected to a windows machine.

I want the new drive (target drive) (after it has been cloned) to boot when i first install it in the windows 7 machine with out any issues, as if i never changed the drives. (i have done this tons of times using mac osx,and an open source carbon copy cloner application, with out ever having an issue.)

So what would I exactly do, what options do I choose? Do i need to reformat the new drive (target drive) in windows before i start the disk copy, or will it format it to match the source disk when i start the disk copy procedure.

thanks a lot.

edit to add:

should i mess with this, or should i just install the drive back into my windows 7 machine, and install the new drive as a secondary drive, and use the back up program that comes with windows 7 to move to the new drive? then once its done just switch the drives.

this is just rediculous. i keep reading about everyone having problems with cloneing disks and how they need to do certain things with the MBR, and certain things with something else. yet i can push one button in carbon copy cloner on mac osx and it just does it all for you.....and works everytime.....(to bad it doesnt clone windows disks)....

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Cloning a Windows 7 drive is simple to do. I would recommend putting the drive back into the system as a secondary.

In the clone wizard, the main option you want to check is SET DRIVE ACTIVE.  Do not use the option 'Ignore bad sectors...' or 'Disable SmartSector copying' unless there are other problems that you are aware of.

The other options are safety options that can check the source for file system errors before copying, and the other for the destination. Click here and go to page and go to page 215 for complete instructions. If you get stuck along the way, just let us know.

Andreas Horlacher

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