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I need some help with PCAnywhere

Created: 03 Jan 2013 • Updated: 03 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

I have been using PCAnywhere for years without much of a problem.  We just upgraded our office machines to Windows 7 and I am having a problem with "The Remote Control Module Has Stopped Working".  This happens more often when I connect to a Windows 7 Machine, but I doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason as to why it happens.  I mainly use it to transfer files that I need to work with from one location to our home office.  It appears to happen when I invoke the "File Transfer" option.  I can occasionally create a command queue, but I have other times that I'm not exactly sure what the filename is that I need and have to look at the drive of the host computer. 

The strange thing is, I have an older version of PCAnywhere on my laptop and it seems to be solid.  When I get to my desktop, it has a newer version, and that may be the cause of the problem?

Laptop is pcanywhere ver. 12.5.0 build 442

Desktop Build is pcanywhere version 12.5. 0 build 463

Anyone have any ideas?

By the way:

Desktop system has:

AMD x4 processor

8 gb ram

120 gb ssd

Laptop has:

Intel core i7-720

16 gb ram

120 gb ssd

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As long as you don't upgrade to 12.5.5 build 1086 or later you won't have a problem with connecting back and forth with different versions.   You should consider upgradeing both systems to 12.5.5 1086 (sp4) for security reasons There is even another update past that build 1206 (SP5)  and the issues you are seeing may already be fixed in the latest version but you will need to upgrade both systems to the sp5 version.

Sp4 install is available for free from symantect to existing customers.  You can email to request the updated version for security reasons.   This will get you the 12.5.5 build 1086 (sp4) and then you can use live update to get to build 1206 (sp5) SP5 pcAnywhere is very stable and works good on windows 7 but you will need to update both systems with the new install to achieve this.

With regards to your current versions you will want to update them to the latest build and apply the latest security hot fix.  Build 442 doesn't support windows 7   There are the following updates that can be applied to your systems and you won't loose backwards compatability.

SP2 463
SP3 486

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