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I want to automate user archive

Created: 11 Dec 2012 • Updated: 11 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a server with a single policy defined as a User Archive, with the intention to backup , then delete , all the files in a particular filesystem.

Going via the Symantec 'how-to' , I am running bparchive from the command line :

./bparchive -L /tmp/arctest -f /redbck002fs/stage/* -p BCP_archive

but this fails with :

Archive started 12/11/2012 12:53:26

12:53:26 Initiating backup
12:54:05 INF - Server status = 42

which isn't very informative

Any advice ?


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"-f" options needs a text file with a list of files/folders that need to be archived.

If you want to archive all files in /redbck002fs/stage/ folder, don't use -f.

You need to check/verify connectivity from client to master server. 
Client will attempt to connect to master's bprd via pbx.

To see if connection request was received, check master server's bprd log.
If the folder does not exist under .../netbackup/logs, create the directory and restart NBU to enable this log.

Try the bparchive command again. 
Check bprd log for Connection request and following lines to see how master interpreted the request.


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1) what are the OS and netbackup versions for master and client?

2) are you running the above commad on master or client?

3)  did you find any job comming to activity moniter ?

4)did you check the reverse communication from Client to Master server?

what is the output of below commands

bpcltncmd -pn --- run from client

bpclntcmd -self ---run from client

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Thanks for replies - it was the '-f' option which now points to a list of files instead of the tree I wanted to remove.

The method of having to automate this yourself via CRON seems slightly clunky when there is the GUI to set everything up.

maybe there isn't much demand for this kind of operation , but we are copying data to server and using the disk cache to hold files for backup , then tapes go offsite after deleting the files.

We would otherwise have to run in excess of 150 clients which makes the cost prohibitive.