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I want to make "not found" results invisible?

Created: 27 Feb 2013 | 8 comments

Hi All

I'm building a form that has text fields for users to imput text and a conformation page that uses an AsciiMergeLabel component to show the content. But like in the link below it is showing "not found".  I would prefer to have a blank field instead. I tried what was in the link below....

If this is in an AsciiMergeLabel component, in the Advanced Text Editor, highlight the variable in the right hand panel and then on the left side under 'Configuration', set the "Not Found Value" from the defalut of 'Not Found' to a blank textbox.

But I get errors. I'm using WF 7.1.1460.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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Can you post what errors you are seeing? any logs, etc.?

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Basically the Not Found is the default displayed when the variable you're using doesn't have a value. You can remove the Not Found by clicking on every variable you use and removing it from the left hand side as seen in the article or you can do it universally in the WF Desiginer by clicking on Tools -> Edit Preferences in the Workflow Manager and deleting the property from there.

When you do what this what ever you put in that field will be the default so if you left it blank then the variable would display blank instead of Not Found.

WF Designer Settings.png

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Its just the standard error screen:  An error has occurred.

formdebuglog.txt 303.46 KB
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That error is new to me. Any chance you can post a simplified version of the project that can still produce the error?

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If you can reproduce in a simplified version (no SD or custom SQL dependencies) I'd be happy to take a look. I wasn't able to open it do to some missing custom library and probably wouldn't be able to run it anyway.

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Oh I bet it was the Sql table with the account info. I have stripped that out and here is the form.

AttachmentSize 3.1 MB
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I would suggest going through Support on this issue. Sorry, I just don't have this version of Service Desk setup where I can easily test.