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IBM Lenovo's built in partition causing ghost cast to stall @ 2%.

Created: 22 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

I have a lenovo l420 and have it fully configured the way i want it.  I do have a c drive and the pc also has the built in Lenovo Partition.  When i upload the image via ghost cast server it stalls out @ 2%.  I'd didn't build the image from scratch and we should have blown away the ibm partition.  How can i just upload the c drive and deploy it?  I'm going to try with a test machine Paragon Partition magic and see if i can merge the partition. 

I tried using the switches -ib and -fdsp and it still stalls @ 2%.

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Are you multicasting ?  If you are, have you got IGMP snooping enabled on your switches?

What operating system are you imaging?  If windows 7, there are two partitions that need to be imaged in order for Win 7 to boot - that's ignoring any vendor partitions. The partition numbering is also a vital component in this equation, so if the partitions are arranged differently on the target machine, you are going to have problems.

Basically, we need a lot more detail about what you are doing and how you are doing it. If you are using a boot image, is it DOS or WinPE?

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