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Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello All,

We are going to be running frequent Webcasts for Endpoint Management in EMEA.  The first one is currently being scheduled for March 7th and details will soon be attached.  I am now open to suggestions for future webcasts on what you would like to learn.

Some ideas will soon be posted for example Advanced IT Analytics and Best Practices for Monitoring etc... Though i would like to get your feedback and suggestions.

Event Information will be posted in the following Group.  Please join to get updated information and replays:

Please post suggestions in this thread.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hello All,

As i have not had any feedback or suggestions for the next webcast.  I will be suggesting we do an webcast on IT Analytics and Advanced reporting.  Getting the best out of IT Analytics today and also whats coming in the future. 

Thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

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Hi Jo

Not a bad idea but I'd suggest a wider webcast on reporting generally. We have gone from have one single reporting capability in rev 6 that worked for all products to now having at least 3 - We have the standard reporting in NS, IT Analytics, which is something different again, and now yet another reporting tool for Service Desk/Workflow.  You've got to be a very big organisation to support three different reporting tools just for some of your IT management software.

So maybe a webcast on these different tools, what each offers and when to use one over the other and importantly some indication when they will be consolidated into one reporting capability?


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Hello Steve,

Good to hear from you and i hope all is well. It has been sometime and hope to see you again soon.

Many thanks for your questions and feedback on the reporting.  Please find some additional information below regarding the reporting frameworks and features within ITMS.

We intend to maintain ITA separate from the core reporting. ITA provides the business analysis/data mining level of reporting that isn't required to be real time. By contrast, "operational reporting" does need to be real time and is a key part of the integrated functionality used day-to-day by Admins and technicians.

With Regards to both Workflow, ServiceDesk and the Virtualization Streaming Server, these both remain an integral part of the portfolio though we need to keep those reports separate to ensure they can also be dlivered as Standlone offerings, while Workflow is part of the Symantec Management Platform Core Workflow continues to be an integration and extension that transcends beyond the NS-based products.

So in effect we have two levels of reporting (Operational and Business Data Level) reports.  While Workflow, ServiceDesk and SWS remain to be seperate in order to retain the ability to deliver as Standalone.

I hope this helps explain this better.

So the session i was proposing was to focus on getting more value out of the Business Data level reporting via IT Analytics which allow a user to data mine into the CMDB.

Kind Regards, 

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Hi Jo

Indeed long time no see though I'm very much still around! Thanks for this which was the sort of answer I was expecting and while I do appreciate that the background of some of the products means these have seperate reporting tools and also appreciate that IT analytics is intended for business data mining I'd say the following...

IT Analytics has always been presented by those in Symantec at grass roots level as a 'here's the solution to the ease of creating reports problem' rather than a data mining tool to be used alongside the operational reporting tools. I suspect this is because the standard complaint I get from customers about operational reporting being very difficult to use is universal while very few have got to the point where data mining is either feasible or actually required because of the amount of effort  needed to be invested to get them to this point just ain't going to happen..

Most people I've ever met  - which includes some of the best users you have - just want a simple uniform operational reporting capability that works across all products that they can justify investing resource into learning. Moving to three or four reporting tools many of which often require advanced SQL skills doesn't provide this - but just makes the issue worse - no matter what the history behind the products is (and I've seen enough standalone products brought into the fold and the integrated into NS to know this is not an impossible or unrealistic expectation). Given the above IT Analytics becomes somewhat meaningless

So why present yet again on a product that, after 5 years since introduction, is still trying to solve a requirement that doesn't really exist? How about showing how it is possible in less than a minute and with no SQL knowledge to create cross product operational reports - for example the number of tickets logged against systems that have recently had a new product upgrade installed?