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Identifikationsdatenen Backup Exec 2012 löschen bzw. inaktiv setzen

Created: 26 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
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Hallo Community,

sind neu in der Symantec Gemeinde und nutzen seit einiger Zeit Backup Exec 2012 auf einem SBS 2011.

Das Backup geht einwandfrei mit einen schönheitsfehler denn ich gerne mit euch verschwinden lassen will.

Gibt es eien Möglichkeit Idenitfikationsdateien zu löschen da diese nicht mehr benötigt werden(z.B. eine Testdatenbank die nicht mehr existiert).

Ich bekomme jedesmal eine Fehler weil er die DB sichern will die aber nicht mehr existiert.

Ebenso gibt es eine SQl Datenbank die nicht gesichert werden darf da dazu kein Login besteht.

Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen diesen kleinen Fehler zu beheben, ist wohl nur ne Einstellung irgendwo versteckt die ich bis jetzt nicht gefunden habe.

Danke und einen schönen Tag wünscht


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TRaj's picture

Is this a database Logon account ?

Can you describe what exactly you need help along , the database removal from BE or SQL instance ?

Also what is the error message received ?

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pkh's picture

You got to remove the test database which does not exist from your selection list.  Edit your job to do so.  If you cannot find the database in the graphical view of the selection list, then right-click on the server to display the text view, find the entry for the test database and delete it.

For the database that you cannot log in, check that you have turned on Windows authentication for the database and set the BESA as a db_owner.

Haering Maschinenbau GmbH's picture


The Database ist delete from the sql server and does no longer exist. But in the identification data the database is already there. Does is help to restart the services or must I reinstall the whole software because at this moment he search for the identification data?

The Second database ist a special database from an accounting software which should one read by the programm itself and no other where.Multiple Read/write access ans so on(very tricky to handle) There exist no su login or something else. The login is restricted to the programm(which is good so). I safe this database when i backup the folder. And which the software itself in a special rhytmus on another place.

A Detailed error report I send you after the weekend, when I'm back in firm. VNC is not possible at the moment.



pkh's picture

Restarting the services will not help.  See the first paragraph of my previous answer for how to delete the database.

For your second database, if the security is so tight that there is no id that can login to the database, then you cannot use BE to backup the database.  BE must be able to login to the database to back it up.

Kunal.Mudliyar's picture

I think the test database which was previously selected in the backup job is still there in the text view, though it does not show in the GUI view

Edit the job properties on the left had side edit the selections

Goto the tab that says view selection details and delete the unwanted /offline esql database

or simply delete the server from the GUI and readd it and create the backup job again

No need to uninstall the application , restart the remote agent service on the remote server to reset the agent

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Haering Maschinenbau GmbH's picture

Hello and good morning,

Thanks for the tipps, the testdatabase could be deleted from the List. For the second database I switch of the exeptional and take an exeptional for the warning messages and it should work right now.

Thanks for help.

Have a nice day


Kunal.Mudliyar's picture

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