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IDR and remote media agent for linux

Created: 07 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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I have a question - is it possible to restore from RMAL with Intelligent Disaster recovery CD?

I tried recovering, but the connection fails as Backup Exec tries to access a SMB share on linux machine, but not tape library.

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I don't think its possible... Verbatim from HOWTO12835

When you use the Disaster Recovery Wizard to perform a recovery, the Disaster Recovery Wizard lets you access the media device that is required for restore from three sources. You can:

  • Use locally-attached media devices at the computer being that you want to recover.

  • Use remote backup-to-disk folders that reside on remote computers.

  • Run restore jobs from remote media servers.

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So I have to use a media-server connected to RMAL or remote backup-to disk folder in this case?

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Remote backup to disk folder would work...locally attached devices usually refer to a tape library, stand-alone tape drive or disks locally attached to the Backup Exec server & the RMAL doesn't fit this description.

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You cannot use a RMAL server to do IDR restores.  You need to connect to a media server and as such you need devices which are accessible to the media server.  Devices attached to the RMAL server does not count.