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IDR Fails with error- "...load needed DLLs for kernel."

Created: 28 Jan 2005 • Updated: 24 May 2010 | 7 comments

I have created a bootable IDR CD-RW on a test server to determine if IDR does what Veritas says it will do. The creation of the bootable CD went off fairly well, some minor issues including another which I have posted under the title "IDR "Key Invalid"" which I have yet to get a resolving response for. I worked around this issue and created the bootable CD-RW.
I followed the TID-
to use the CD for IDR, this seemed to work fine restoring from the last backup tape I used. After completion I rebooted and recieved the following error:
"Windows Could Not Start Because Of An Error In The Software.
Please report this problem:
load needed DLLs for kernel
Please contact your support person to report this problem."

Dell PowerEdge 4600 Server
The server has a software mirror no hardware RAID.
Standard Python DAT4 drive with own std adapted SCSI controller.
BEWS 9.1 rev4691

I have a ghost image of the server and have tried IDR twice once with both HDD's and one with single drive no mirror (not that it should make a difference).
Any help much appreciated, sorry so long, TIA.


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Abhinav Bindroo's picture

Only basic disks and upgraded dynamic disks (upgraded from basic) are supported.

However if there are any drives created after upgrading the basic disks to dynamic, they are not supported. After disaster recovery, the disks that were upgraded dynamic disks will be basic, but can later be upgraded to dynamic by using the Windows Disk Administrator.

PTANK 2's picture

I am having a little trouble with the order of operations here. Situation: (test enviroment)
Dell PE4600
(8) Atlas 120GB drives
(6) are in RAID 5 no hot spare
(2) are in RAID 1 mirror for system partition
All software RAID no RAID controller.
I want to backup the entire system and I want IDR to be able to recover it. Assuming I am starting from scratch what should be the steps I take to ensure a good backup and recovery solution using BEWS 9.1?


Ajit Kulkarni's picture


To be able to perform IDR, please refer to the technote mentioned below:

The Intelligent Disaster Recovery process, step by step

Please feel free to revert if you have further querries.


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Alice Stewart's picture

I am testing an IDR restore with ver 10 on W2k3 server and I get the same results "load needed DLLs for kernel". I have run through the process twice with the same results.

Does Veritas have anything else to say besides the stock answer of 'read this technote'? I went by the book on this process and it has failed twice.

The server is nothing special, Dell 2300 w/4 - 36GB drives in a hardware R5. There were no problems until the very end at the last reboot.

Deepali Badave's picture


we want to know if the tech note provided by us helped you in getting resolve you rproblem?

Thank you fo rupdtaing on this issue.

NOTE : If we do not receive your intimation within two business days,
this post would be 'assumed answered' and archived.