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IDR no network adapter found

Created: 15 Jan 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 8 comments
I found this en the read only forum:
I have HP DL380 G5 server with NC373i and 380T dual port cards.
I would like to take advantage IDR for this server. On a backup-server it is established BackupExec 11d with sp1 and hotfix 17-21.
I create a loading disk, at loading are defined the driver for scsi and for the above-stated cards,
but at attempt to establish a network there is a message, that network adapters are not found.
How to solve the given problem?
I have the exact same hardware and BE11d SP2.
Did anyone manage to install network adapters?

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I have same problem with DELL PE2950 and Broadcom BCM5708C NetXtreme II GigE cards
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This has been a known problem since the introduction of  v11
Symantec claimed that HF7 ( I think) fixed it, but many found that didn't solve their problem
personally, I've always thought that IDR was far from Intelligent, and overall, doesn't save that much time (if any) and as such, refuse to touch it

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These Network Cards use Windows Driver Foundation (WDF) Drivers, which a are a new driver model/paradigm as opposed to the standard drivers. 
What Mr. Putnam is describing as being fixed in Hotfix 7 is TCP/IP Offload Engine Drivers, or TOE Drivers, these are something different. 
You can find the patches for version 11 and 12 of Backup Exec that add support for WDF Drivers in the following Technote:
I hope this helps
-- Joshua

Joshua Kane

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Actually the hotfix DOESN'T fix this problem.  At least on my Dell PE1950 with Broadcom 5708C NICS and BackupExec v12SP1.
Got atest drivers from both Dell and Broadcom, inserted drivers into idr.iso, no help.  Altho' the first part of the IDR load shows that the NIC is detected, and the drivers are LOADED, the network config/load to connect to the media server STILL indicates that there aren't any network adapters.
Checked the idr.ini file on the media server, and it's been updated to reflect that these cards are supported, but they aren't. 
So, now what?
This has been going on for too d...d long.  Can we finally get a fix????
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What steps did you take to apply the hotfix and verify the results?

James McKey
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Downloaded and applied the hotfix/patch, rebooted the media server, ran full backup of server in question, recreated the .iso file for the server, burned the CD, booted it in the server and followed the prompts.
What else is there?
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This hotfix also has an updated ndmpsrvr.dll file (hotfix notes show that RAWS has this file updated,, which means RAWS on the remote system must also be hotfixed in order for this to work.


Check to see if that file was updated on both the media server and remote system. If so, then see if you can get the bedrwiz.log file from the IDR session ( Click "Start->View Log File" menu option on the taskbar and save the log file opened, to a USB thumdrive or something )


While the hotfix notes do point to a static "installation" notes TechNote which says to push RAWS, we could have probably been more explicit in the post requisites to say that you would need to push the hotfix in order for us to pick up the new driver info from the remote system. If you do feel that was confusing I can look into having the wording modified appropriately.


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James McKey
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Thank you, James.  It was a case of RTFM.  Looks like it works just fine.
Had to reinstall the RAWS on the server in question, and then rerun backup and IDR CD creation.
Appreciate the help!!!