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IDR Preperation Wizard

Created: 15 Jan 2014 | 7 comments

Hi I am encountering a problem with the IDR Preperation Wizard. It is saying:
'You do not have Backup privilege to run the wizard. Contact your system administrator.'

Any ideas what could be the problem?


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Does the IDR wizard run if all BE services are running under the "local system account" ? If yes, then pls ensure the Backup Exec account has necessary permissions/rights per

Lastly, if the BESA already has the appropriate rights, close and relaunch the BE console using "Run as Administrator" and then retry to run the IDR prep wizard.

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Does the IDR wizard run if all BE services are running under the "local system account" ?

What is the purpose of this test?

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If it runs under LSA, then the BESA is definitely lacking some privilege/right.

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While there is nothing wrong with running this test, isn't is redundant since the user has to check the BESA permission, regardless of whether this test is done or not?

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While, it may be a reduntant check, many users find it simpler to run the BE services under LSA and check as this gives them a definite reason for editing the group policy for correcting the BESA's permissions/rights.

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So you are saying that if it has the following it should work:

Backup Exec account must have the following rights:

Act as part of the operating system
Backup files and directories
Create a token object
Logon as a batch job (All Windows 2008 version only) 
Logon as a service
Manage auditing and security log
Restore files and directories
Take ownership of files and other objects 

Also make sure the account is not added under: 

Deny logon as a service 
Deny logon as a batch 

This is important because the DENY takes precedence over allow. 

The account should have its Primary role as Domain Admin in Active Directory.

What else could it be if the permissions are set as the above?