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IDR restoration of complete site from tape duplicate

Created: 10 Jan 2013 • Updated: 28 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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I need to work out a scenario for recovering a complete site from the archive tapes

The site consists of:

  • Two AD DCs, one holding the DR backup folder. 
  • The BE 2010 R3 backup server.
  • Additional servers, Sharepoint, SQL, file shares etc.

The backups are made to disk, with the full backups duplicated to LTO tapes.

The policy enforced also makes it impossible to login to any server not connected to the AD, including the BE server.

Having read other forum questions, I have trouble coming up with a workable solution for restoring the complete site from the tapes. The easiest solution (I thought), would be to hook up the tape drive to the AD DC, restore that one from tape, then restore the BE server from tape, then restore the other servers from network.

At this point, I really don't know how to go about the restore, since the IDR disc will not restore from anything but the disk backups, that in this scenario would have burned up together with all other servers (or similar).

Is there something I have overlooked? That you cannot point to another backup set location is really a disappointment.

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Colin Weaver's picture

I believe that IDR has a limitation where duplicate backups do not update the >DR files, hence you can only see the disk sets when you select a .DR file. Of course you could backup directly to tape to get updated DR files for the tapes.

IDR does have a manual recovery method where you can specify everything to restore from the backup sets on the media server. However the media server has to be up an running. Which you could achieve by backing up this server directly to tape which should then give you valid DR files for the tape sets. However that would give you another problem in that after you have recovered that server it would need the ability to allow login without an active DC which would basically mean you would need a group policy exception for the security setting against the media server itself (before your DR backup is made.)

Faffe's picture

I still wonder if the scenarion would work, since the disk backup would not be available. The restored backup server will not have access to the disk backup sets, since the disks are destroyed in this scenario, and only the tapes are available.

Will the other servers be able to restore from the tapes once they are cataloged on the restored server? If the answer is "no", what good are duplicate copies on tape in an IDR restore scenario?

pkh's picture

You can use the tape copies to do normal restores, i.e. you can recover your server manually.  It is just that you cannot use IDR to do so.