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IDR - Restore from Tape duplicated from B2D Folder

Created: 01 Sep 2011 | 2 comments


I am doing a test restore using the Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR) Option.

This past weekend I ran a full backup to disk on the server I wish to restore. I had a duplicate job linked to the B2D job to make a duplicate to tapes immediately following the job.

Both jobs completed successfully.

I created my IDR boot disk on Tuesday of this week.

I booted the server I wish to restore on and chose the Automatic Recovery option. Once I got to the point where the IDR process listed the backup sets it will use for the restore I noticed is was going to restore from the B2D folder.

I want to test my full process though, I want to restore from Tapes. I'd rather not go through the manual process and have to select all of the media sets.

I selected all the media in my backup to disk folders and erased them. I started the IDR process again but it still said it was going to restore from the B2D folders. I started the restore jobs but they all failed.

How do I get my media server to recognize the duplicate copies (which are still in the tape library) and use that instead of my backup to disk folders?

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This is an interesting question.  The IDR restore process uses the .dr file to point to the correct backup.  These .dr files are created when a successful backup is done.  Since no .dr files are created when you duplicate backup, I don't think there is a way to point to these duplicates.

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If the IDR is against a Remote system instead of the media server then I belive you can use the manual capabilities of the IDR process to recover your data, the automated recovery process does use the .DR file and as correctly indicated by pkh, at this current time this file is not updated by a duplicate job hence it is looking for the b2d location.

If it is a media server I suspect you will have to use a manual DR process by installintg the operating systems and the Backup Exec into a custom location to do your restore.