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if Duplicate job failed to run it multiplies backup sets next time

Created: 08 Jan 2014 • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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Dear all,

I observed the following behaviour with BE2012SP3.

Full Backup of Server ABC is scheduled to run every MON/TUE/WED/THU/FRI 08:00 PM (to DedupStore, Notification is enabled)

Duplicate of Server ABC is scheduled for every SAT 08:00 PM (from DedupStore to Tape, Most recent full backup, Notification is enabled)

The Full Backup Job still runs on SAT 08:00 PM so the Duplicate doesn't run (WITHOUT ANY Error or Notification!) and schedules itself to the next  following Saturday.

Next week and the week after, same situation (NO Duplicate)...

Now I realized, that the Duplicate job didn't run and started it manually with "Run now" option. In that case the duplicate job wrote the triple amount of data to the backup tapes 1.384GB instead of 461GB !!!

I observed that already before, but was not sure if I made a mistake. But now, I am sure, that BackupExec causes the problem.

I don't believe that this is a wanted feature and hope to get some hints how to get only the data of the "Most recent full backup" duplicated to tape!

Many thanks for your help in advance.

BR, Werner

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Colin Weaver's picture

By design duplicate jobs duplicate everything in the job definition that has not already been duplicated - this does mean that if a duplicate fails to run for some reason then the next duplicate will try and duplicate two days worth of data instead of one which will get worse if you miss more than one duplicate job. As such what you describe is by design and expected behavior

BE 2012 (but no earlier version) does have an option to "Duplicate Last Full" which changes this behavior. Note there is no point in only duplicating last incremental as this would break the incremental sequence and potentially result in data loss (inability to restore) in the future.

EDIT: we also intend to change it so that any data that has expired before it can be duplicated, is removed from any requirement to duplicate it as this can cause errors - this enhanement will be in a future version.

wfk1966's picture

Hi Mark,

thanks for your additional input.

I was a little bit confused, because there is no option  "Duplicate Last Full" as you mentioned, but only "Most recent full backup". This option is than shown as job type "Duplicate last full backup"!

It's good to hear, that this improvement will be done in a future version, and I hope it might be already in 2012 R2. Will it?

In addition, it would be very helpfull to have an option like "Duplicate latest SUCCESSFUL backup". At the moment, the duplicate job doesn't care about the status of the lastest full backup. Means if it failed, it duplicates only the failed data and ends with status successful. But that's only half of the truth...

It was also strange, that if the full backup is still running, when the duplicate job is scheduled to start, that the duplicate is automatically rescheduled but NO single information is given that it did not run... Could also be an area of improvement. 

Best regards, Werner