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IGC Viewer - Only with Admin/Power User rights?

Created: 08 May 2013 | 5 comments

We're having problems with native rendering of documents in Clearwell.  It seems IGC will only generate native view when running on a computer that a user has Admin/Power User rights on.  There doesn't seem to be an option to run IGC server side.

We don't think it's a good idea to have 15 users with these rights for many reasons...anyone run across this and come up with a work around?


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Liam Finn's picture

Admin or power user rights is just needed to install the ActiveX plug-in into IE so the end user can do review in native/image mode

Once the install is done you can downgrade the permissions on the local machine

As for running it on the server only, if this was done then the end user wont be able to perform review as the plug-in is needed in their IE.

The only way around this would be to have everyone RDP into the Clearwell appliance which brings up security issues as well as terminal services licensing requirements so this is not recommended in any manner

Liam Finn's picture

Can I provide any further assistance on this issue? If not please mark the appropriate reply as the solution

Thank you

ODS Rob's picture

Liam, we have a ticket open.  We have tried your suggestion, among does not solve it as it still doesn't work without Admin/Power User rights after install.

Liam Finn's picture

Interesting...Please keep me posted on the outcome

danielle.levenson's picture

Our clients have to place the IGC folder within each Users profile and assign Admin/Power rights for that application as well.