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Ignoring Stub Files

Created: 09 Nov 2011 | 4 comments

Can we filter our Backup Policy based on file size. Regardless of whether or not it is a stub file. Can we backup files ONLY greater than 8k? or by file creation date.

Currently we have a process that we purchased (Rainfinity from EMC)  that takes images once a month and stores the image on lower cost file system and leaves a stub file that is 8k in size.

When I run a full backup the policy sees the 8k and backs up the file. Which is great but the stub file is 8k the actual file is larger and has to be retrieve from the lower cost disk which is very slow so my 1TB area takes days to backup to tape because of the slow retrieval speed.

Yes EMC can replicate the data to another area but because of the cost this is not an option at this time

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when we do this with Enterprise Vault archiving we are able to tell the agent on the file server to ignore listred processes accessing the files

I would imagine that there should be something similar for your system but you will need to speak to EMC how you get it to ignore the bpbkar32 process (and maybe bpfis etc as well)

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EMC recommendation is to copy files to a duplicate centerra which is referred to as replication,(cost of second storage is not in our budget).  Unfortunately, replication will not address the issue we currently have because replication does not remove the stub files, it simply makes a duplicate copy of the data on the Centerra.  The stub files actually live on the NS-380, not the centerra, so they would not be affected. I will ask EMC with your suggestion. Thanks for your input

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No such function NetBackup have.
For alternative, make list of files to be backed up, and initiate user backup with this list.

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This folder has hundreds of files created weekly, making a list to backup would take a full time person but thanks for your suggestion.