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IM Manager export to Evault Job Setup

Created: 30 Jun 2011 • Updated: 03 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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We are in the process of setting up the first Direct-EV export job.  I am using the IM Implementation guide chapter 9 which has prompted me to as the following questions.  While setting up the Job, EV Store Name is required.  The documentation states below.  However, there is no Store Name in our Store Group.  Do I need to first create a new store manually as part of our existing store group???  And the documentation says that the EV Archive Name will be created at the time the first export job runs.  I would like to create this as well because we use a particular naming convention.  One more question...  Retention Category is described as Business, Personal, and Public and if no retention category is specified, Symantec evault uses Business.  We don't have these retention categories in our environment so can I create one specifically for this job and use that one?  Some guidance would be wonderful.

The name of the store database where the site

resides. The Store Name can be found in the

Symantec Enterprise Vault Administrator Console

under the Vault Stores folder of the site to which

you are exporting IM conversations.

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TonySterling's picture

For the Retention category question, yes, I would recommend creating one specific for IM's.

As for the Vault Store, you do not have any Vault Stores in you Vault Store Groups?  You would have to have at least one if you are using EV to archive.  Or do you mean none show in the setup process in IM?

ImAlwaysSmiling's picture

Thank you.  I do have vault stores in my vault store groups, but they are for sharepoint, exchange and journaling.  So there are 3 separate vault stores in the group.  I was wondering if I should create another one in that VS group for IMs...  Thank you for your help.

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you can, but if it were me I probably would use the Journaling vault store.  In my mind it fits in there nicely as IM Manager is sorta journaling the IM's.