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IM Monitoring in DLP

Created: 06 Jun 2013 | 4 comments

Hi All,

We have an requirement to monitor the IM messaging. We have a policy that creates an incident when we try to send the document with a specific keyword through IM.

But we have an requirement, if we type same keyword as a message during the chat conversation, it shoudl create an incident.

Is there anyway to do this..

Thanks in advance...

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yang_zhang's picture

What kind of IM do you want to monitor? Is the IM out the support list of DLP? If so, it can only monitor the file transfer of the IM, not the message.

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there are some that are built in, if you can answer yang's question we can get you a better answer.

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Its for Yahoo messenger. Any idea what could be reason for not monitoring the message which are sent through IM conversation..

Muhammad Ejaz's picture

Kindly perform the following steps.

1. set up the second IP on the IM Manager server and configured IP in IM Manager admin snap-in, under yahoo v9 section

2. set up the new hosts file on the client

3. set up an exclusion in IE for * (this was what made it work)

4. installed yahoo v10 client

5. made sure the yahoo user was configured against an AD user in IM manager