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I'm a Noob, help me....

Created: 31 Jan 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 2 comments
Okay, I've held back this version 11 for a while to see if I could deploy it in an easy manner.
So far I've deployd on 3 Machines, by taking the CD to their Drives, autorun, and standard install the client.
I've done this forever, from version 6.5 or something, hassle free nothing to worry about, weel a few Live update issues with version 8, but easy fixed...
Now I'm trying the boss's laptop which is a x64, okay didn't work with the standard, plug in cd - Install Client - next - next - finished. Seems like I needed to download the CD from here somewhere, anyway found it, downloaded, burned the cd, and plugged it in.
Then I noticed that Live Update was taking it's time completeing (runs with every upgrade), and with further examination seems like it made an Error LU1812 and LU1825.
Okay Googled that, ended up in the Norton home and Private section being asked to download a file, and run it. Well I did then I was supposed to run the lastest Live Udate via the browser, sure I did, again made the same LU1812/25 takes some hour to finish off, and now gives me a new Error code in a window (-536805375).
Now that I get no result on by searching here, and have no Idea what to do about it. Need to give the machine back before the weekend, so waiting 14 days as suggested is not an option.
So do I just let Live Update go by in it's non-working state or what? The client it self seems to work okay.

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Start a support case with Symantec.  They have some tools which can help diagnose your issue.
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I was hoping for a better solution, chances are they I'll revert back to 10.1 considering my timeframe, and alotted time to deal with the problem. The forum here seems to be somewhat cable of solving a wide range of problem. So I gave it a chance before reverting.
The time alone it'll take me to figure out the correct way for me to create a Support case isn't close to the time it'll take me to revert...
And this being a vital machine which should already have been deployd, I don't know I'll get another x64 with witch I can experiment.