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Image Basics? XP Image and Domains

Created: 28 Apr 2010 • Updated: 30 Oct 2010 | 6 comments
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I am not the one building out images but I am the one fighting on how they are being built.  I am trying to prove to our team that you do not need to join the xp box to the domain in order to get a valid image.  I am also trying to find articles on why you wouldn't want your "Gold" image even on the domain before you image it.  Can someone send me some links to show my arguements are correct or incorrect?

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We do not connect our build image to the network before the image is complete because of the following reason.  For one thing, it will download the current domain policies to the image which we do not want and  the machine name goes into active directory which we do not want till it is on a real machine.  It also does other bad stuff which I can't think of right now.  Of course, we do a lot of stuff to our images that MS says can't be done... (like support 20 some different models and types of pc's).  :)

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Dave thanks....  trying to find all the other bad stuff it does as well.  ;)    Just want to prove a point but can't find any of my old documentation that I had when I use to do images.  Wish we had the full version of Altiris here but we don't so imaging would be a lot easier for our site techs.

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If you are concerned about SID duplication, it was recently written about that it is not an issue and can stop being treated as such.

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Kris, sounds typical... :)  You keep everything in case you need it, then when you need it, it can't be found.  The story of my life. smiley

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to join a machine to the domain, then create an image you would distribute. It seems you would have to rename a machine if the SID duplication is no longer an issue. It is far easier to sysprep the image, and then join the domain post install. Even if you have to be prompted to enter a computer name.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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Here was the article I was talking about: