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Created: 26 Jul 2012 • Updated: 27 Jul 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi experts,

NetBackup 6.5.6 on Unix:

Problem: There are imported media which data (images) is expired, but is not deassigned.

Image Cleanup is successful.

bpimage -cleanup -allclients             - exits with status 0 (success)

bpexpdate -deassignempty -force      - exits with status 0 (success)

But there are still assigned media with expired images on them. Only after I manually expire these by performing

bpexpdate -m <media-id> -d 0

the media will move to the Scratch.

The Media Server that originally created the images is still in the current NBU domain.

Any ideas are appreciated!

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Hi AV77

I had this issue a little while ago on Windows2003 w/Netbackup 5.1.  We didn't have the option of upgrading to fix the problem so put in a scheduled fix via bptm

You should first check that the tape isn't SUSPENDED or FROZEN as either of these states will stop a tape from returning to a useable state

bpmedialist -ev {tape id}

If a tape is SUSPENDED or FROZEN you can use one of these to unset this flag (use -h {hostname} if the tape's Server Host is not where you're running this command from.

bpmedia -unsuspend -m {tape id} [ -h {hotname} ]

bpmedia -unfreeze -m {tape id}

If these don't work you can try the following, which I have scheduled to run daily on the problematic media server in our environment:

bptm -delete_expired

I believe that in 6.5 this could now be bptm -delete_all_expired but only have 7.1 now so can't test if for you.

This should be safe as it should only operate on already expired tapes however the usual caveats of backing up your catalogue before playing with database entries applies.



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Thanks Nick_M,

No, the tapes aren't suspended or frozen. I realized that these were added by the "Recovery without import" method. So it seems I have to keep an eye on these and expire them manually from time to time, so they will be deassigned. The actual status of these tapes is "EXPIRED FULL".


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No problem.  You may find that the bptm -delete_expired command will help as this should hit all expired tapes in one go - the EXPIRED status you mention is what my media would show without my running the command.

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Since the upgrade to the expiration and deassignment works as expected.

Thanks for your help Nick, but I  didn't have time to test your proposed workaround in 6.5.6.