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Image cleanup error

Created: 25 Oct 2013 | 7 comments

I get the following error in image cleanup jobs that run.  How can I fix?  What has changed is that I rebuilt the NetBackup server and the attached disk array is not mapped using the same drive letter (V:).  Its now using D:.  I've tried running bpimage -cleanup -allclients.  This runs with no error, but when the normal image cleanup runs, the same errors return.

Critical bpdm(pid=5336) sts_get_lsu_prop_byname on LSU V:\Staging\Summit_Daily failed: 2060013 no more entries   
Critical bpdm(pid=5336) Invalid storage device: V:\Staging\Summit_Daily no more entries     
Critical bpdm(pid=5336) failure to open disk at path V:\Staging\Summit_Daily: plug-in reports error 2060013 no more entries
Warning bpdbm(pid=2416) nbdelete failed with status (1)    

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revarooo's picture

What version of NetBackup is this? It's possible that the images have been expired but are waiting to clear up the disk (which will never happen).

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You will need to mount a small 'dummy' volume to V:\Staging\Summit_Daily.

Never a good idea to change mount points when DSU contains valid images....

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mike-b's picture

An empty volume? How will this help when there will be no images?

I changed the storage unit to point to the D drive thinking NetBackup would be smart enough to know that the location of previous images has changed as well.

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Netbackup is not that intelligent.. every single image is associated with the disk stoage which has a unique mediaID (@aaa??) , Netbackup is not going into the catalog to scan and change the image details when there is this change, and it is dangerous to do so.

Marianne's suggestion might help, because it's a workaround to trick Netbackup to think the actual disk storage is still there, and cleaning up the image from catalog would work from the catalog level.

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Try running nbdelete -allvolumes -force

Not sure if it will work in this case, but -force will cause NBU to cleanup the catalog when the STU is inaccessable.

Regards,  Martin
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mike-b's picture

I discovered that this morning, tried it, followed by bpimage -cleanup -allclients, which ran without error this time. I'll wait to see if the next natural image cleanup runs without error as well.