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Image deployment failed after adding site server

Created: 12 Dec 2011 • Updated: 13 Dec 2011 | 4 comments
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Hi everyone,

We have NS 7.1 (windows 2008 std r2 64 bits) and we added a new site server (windows 2008 std r2 64 bits) in a remote site with task and package service enabled..


Site 1: NS  subnet

site2: Site server subnet

image task sample steps: deploy image, driver injection, reboot to production..etc.

When deploy image task from NS to client machine (new pc or with altiris client on it) in site1, I get error: "the task timed out on the task server while waiting for the agent to pick it up

I turn off site server, refresh NS, deploy image task and it worked fine..

Question: is there something else that need to be configured in site server to handle image request tasks, does the site server need o must have DS Task Handlers regarding the image should be getting from NS server..?

I will appreciate any help or comment on the above issue



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Yes DS task handlers need to be installed on site server.

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Thanks for your respond Raimo

This will be our scenario

NS= notification server  SS= site server

In Site 1 we will have the NS1 server and SS1 server

In Site 2 (remote site)  we will have SS2 and SS3 sever

Question: DS task handlers need to be installed in all three SS servers or just in one of the remote server for local pxe and imaging options

I will appreciate if your input in the above scenario

Thanks for your help in advanced


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SS with DS Site Server Component plug-in installed will be able to store and serve the PXE requests and DS packages (Images, SOI Pkgs, Drivers, Copy File Pkgs, Deploy.Cab Pkgs etc).

Having DS SS component installed on all SS depends on the requirement because:

  1. DS packages will get replicated to all SS because of default setting of such kind
  2. DS packages will be served to client computer from nearest SS and if requested package is not available to specific SS than task can fail.

Only need to take care is; only one SS should have all the PXE/SBS services running as far as SS are in single subnet.


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Mentioned issue "I get error: "the task timed out on the task server while waiting for the agent to pick it up" could be related to NS <-> Client computer connectivity where either SMAgent (In production) or PECTAgent (In Preboot environment) is not able to communicate with NS (could be name resolution /DNS/Firewall issue) to pick the task. Thanks.