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Image job stalling after mini-setup runs

Created: 15 Apr 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

I'm having an issue with laptops in an HII image job. The job order I'm using is:

1. Deploy HII Image
2. Use FIRM Copy to copy AClient.exe plus aclient.inp file to computer (I'm using RunOnce in registry to install AClient)
3. Sysprep Token Exchange
4. Drivers install script

Once it gets done with these jobs, it runs mini-setup, installs the drivers, names the computer, and joins the domain. Following this, from job #4 I have linked another job in a Post Image folder. Deployment console says it is scheduling the job to run, but the computer screen just says that it has a TCP connection to the server, "Record update request from Client", and "Client record updated". It will sit there like that and not run the next job. I can right click on the job and choose "Run now", and it will run, but I work for a school district with a ton of laptop carts and don't want to have to do this each time we image. Is there a setting I can change or move a few things around to get the next job to run? I have tried changing the next job to a registry edit script, .vbs script, .bat script, .exe script, and a scripted DELETE command. It still stalls after each job. I set them all to run in Windows, hoping to get it to work after mini-setup.

I did try a Power Control job to reboot the computer after driver install job, but I can't tell if that ran before or after the mini-setup. I also tried a scripted shutdown with a 5 minute time till it rebooted, but that didn't work on the laptops. It still stalled. On the desktops (which don't stall after mini-setup), it just showed the shutdown window after all of the jobs following that job were done.

Any ideas?



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Hard to tell what the issue could be since DS environment is so complex. The only difference for us is that we install the AClient on the image. Maybe that will make it work better for you? Not sure if that's even related to the problem but it may be worth testing.


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We install the aclient in a similar method as the OP. Aclient.exe and aclient.inp are firmed in at the beginning of the driver injection and then executed from cmdlines.txt later on. You might try this method and see if that helps the job run.

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We took AClient out of the image, since we have 5 deployment servers. It's a pretty small image, but we have a bunch of stuff install on the back end. I was consistantly stopping after the mini-setup if another job was waiting. No job, no stall, but we don't want to have to touch the computer more than once for one imaging job.



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Have you tried adding a restart command after step 4? This simple approach might add a few minutes to the job but it should clear out whatever is causing the machine to stall.

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what is put in the cmdlines.txt file and where is it located?