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Image Level backup of Physical server ( Windows & Linux ) in Backup Exec 2012 & Netbackup 7.5

Created: 15 Apr 2013 | 8 comments
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Hello All ,

  This is sanjay. One of our customer has following requirment.

 Is it possible to take image level backup of physical server ( windows & Linux )  using Backup Exec 2012 & Netbackup 7.5. If yes then is it possible to restore single file ( Granular Recovery ) from that  backup image.

I require Help on this.

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BE 2012 does not do image backups for physical servers.  BE's backup is on a file level.  You can restore individual files from your backups.  This is applicable for both Windows and Linux.

For NBU, you got to post your question on the NBU forum.

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Totally agree - you need to post questions for the different products in each product's forum.

The closest to image backup in NBU 7.5 is probably BMR.

Please post in NeBackup forum for more information.

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Thanks for prompt reply.

Hi PKH ,

I am talking about SDR. In SDR the system backup is image backup or file  level backup. If image backup then from that Image can we restore single file .

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There is no image backup in BE.  SDR uses a normal file level backup to restore the server.  You can use the same backup to recover the server manually.  SDR just automates things.

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Just to clarify

SDR within Backup Exec provides the ability to restore the volumes that were present in the original system for disaster recovery. However the backup that it is based on is not an Image level backup it is a file level backup. BE can backup to various types of disk storage and tape. Because it is file level, BE cannot recover the databases located in an operating system in a single restore process (with an exception for where the original system are virtualized)

Symantec sells a product called SSR which is an Image level product (sometime called block level because we backup the blocks on the disk not the individual files) that provides similar recovery functionality using an SRD process (I wish we had used different letters for the two processes)  SSR also has it's own forum. SSR can only backup to disk storage. However it can recover the databases in the same pass as the volumes so does give a single pass restore.

Also note the term "Bare Metal" does not mean single pass restore so both products do provide a form of bare-metal recovery

Both BE and SSR are windows based products that have some functionality to protect Linux systems. If you have lots of Linux systems however NBU and/or BMR are probably better options as they were designed for Unix/Linux environments with Windows functionality added.

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Collin... I got confused in the last paragraph. BE/SDR is able to protect Linux server?. I thought it was for Windows servers only.
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Sorry I should have been clearer with what I meant what I said some functionality for Linux.. , SDR is not part of that.