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ImageTools.ini - using forward slashes for Linux

Created: 15 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

I was given a handful of Dell Vostro 2420 laptops to image, and so far they have been a nightmare. I cannot find any drivers that appear to be compatible with WinPE 2.1, and I get paging errors when I try to use Ghost in DOS automation (I found a post discussing how to fix this using himemx.exe, but couldn't get that to work either). 

The laptops seem to boot LinuxPE just fine, so I'm trying to add Ghost to the list of available choices. I modified the ImageTools.ini file to point to the Linux version of Ghost included with Altiris SP5, by adding these two sections:


[Symantec Ghost-LinuxPEx86]
CreateImageCommandLine=-clone,MODE=create,SRC=1,DST=%IMAGE_FILENAME% -sure
DeployImageCommandLine=-clone,MODE=restore,SRC=%IMAGE_FILENAME%,DST=1 -sure
However, the ImageToolEXEFilePath seems to want to be equally as difficult. If I use forward slashes (%ALTIRIS_SHARE%/Ghost/ghost), then Linux does not appear as a preboot environment option when I create a job. If I use backslashes (%ALTIRIS_SHARE%\Ghost\ghost), then it shows up as an option, but then when I boot to Linux it fails to find the file as Linux uses forward slashes instead of back slashes.
Does anyone know how to add an image tool option for Linux that'll work? Alternatively, if anyone has a copy of drivers for a Vostro 2420 that works on WinPE 2.1 on Altiris 6.9 SP5, that'd also be appriciated ;)

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I couldn't get it to work in ImageTools.ini, but I wrote this article on how to do it using a job instead (by default Ghost had a dependency on a GUI, so I figured out how to get around this, and also redirected the output to the screen.

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