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Imaging in 7.1 stopped working

Created: 12 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

We recently had imaging working in 7.1 and then we put in a site server at another site and now it doesnt work at all, we can boot a machine to production, or create an image, however we can push out software to the machines, so I am wondering what is missing, it seems like the agent is always waiting on the task?  Any ideas would be helpful.

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Are all subnets assigned to sites (especially whatever subnet your problem clients are part of) and do all sites have a site server?  Are you saying imaging is working but software is not, or the other way around? (Your original post says you can boot to production, create an image, and push out software.)

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What I am saying is that I can push out software etc but when I try a simple task like reboot to production it sits there and wait for the task to be picked up or I get a start pending and it never starts at all.

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did you upgrade to MP1 by chance?  

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I havea list of things to check when Image stops working.

1. On exisitng machines with agent, does task Agent exist, what task server is it pointing to. If the task server is not the one it should connect to, fix that in Sites or Configure SBS to replicate to all site servers.

2. Does the machine boot PXE manually. If not check the Netboot services on the PXE server.

3. On the task server/pxe server are all 4 netboot services running.

4. Does that task server receive the SBS files for setting the netboot profile.

5. Pray.