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Immediately Archive Mailbox

Created: 26 Feb 2013 • Updated: 21 Mar 2013 | 9 comments
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I want to treat a user mailbox in a similar way to how a journal mailbox works. As soon as a message comes in I'd like it archived and a shortcut left for a few days before the shortcut is deleted. This isn't actually a mailbox used by a user but emails are sent to this mailbox by an automated process and very rarely need to be accessed  - hence why I want to archive them. I can set the archiving task to run all day and set the shortcut deletion to my required period but the archiving policy only allows for a 'emails older than 1 day' as a minimum - will this allow for emails to be archived immediately or only on the following day?

Is there perhaps a better way to achieve this?

many thanks


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Even if you let the archive task run all day, it won't (typically) do multiple passes.  I mean once it's finished processing the mailbox that's it.  It won't go back X minutes later and try the mailbox again for more items.

You're really looking at custom coding to get this sort of thing done.  If you go that route (via a STEP partner like QUADROtech maybe) then you would be able to specify or configure which mailbox, retention categories, to which archive and the frequency to process the mailbox.

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The only way you could do it is to run EVPM against it, tell it to archive anything 0 days or older, archive unread items, archive the item, delete the original , do not create a shortcut.
Then in the properties of the archiving task, set it to run every half hour by setting the schedule.

So when you look at the schedule properties you can see it by Hour, or by 15 minute increments
you'd do 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off etc
If you run it 24/7 then what will happen is it will scan the mailbox once and never again, because as soon as its archived everything the item won't get requeued, and mailboxes are only queued when the schedule starts.

The problem with this method if that the archive task affects anyone on that Exchange server, so if you have other mailboxes on that server, they would be archived every 30 minutes also ....

I did develop an app that will request a run now every 5 minutes against specified mailboxes, or a time that you'd wish instead, if you'd be interested in talking about it, you can ping me

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How can we check if this new Task for 0-Day archived has worked ?

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John Santana
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run a report mode and see whats eligible for archiving?
do an archiving run and see if items still exist?

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Cool, many thanks for that Jesus.

Kind regards,

John Santana
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Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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I'd check with QuadroTech. They have a tool called ArchiveLeavers, which migh be (ab)used for this.

From their site:

"When the tool is called to run against a specified mailbox the tool will connect to the mailbox, archive all non-archived items, remove them, and then delete all existing shortcuts. The end result is that you will have an empty mailbox."

The tool is free, but requires registration. I believe you can schedule this tool, which means you could run it daily, hourly or whatever is required.

See link in my signature to get to their site.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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many thanks for the feedback and I'll take a look at the quadrotech option.

I may regret asking this but...... :o)

Why not just set up a journaling task and point it towards this mailbox (cringe!)

I've just been messing around with it in my lab and it seems to have the affect I want and allows me to search so the indexing seems to work etc...... no other journaling will be taking place in this environment.

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well it all depends on your licensing, and also depends on whether you want to keep the folder structure

also it will do a lot more than necessary, like DL expansion and stuff like that, and im also not sure if it will properly take the email due to not having an envelope

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All good points - many thanks