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Implement CASO Backup Exec 2012

Created: 11 Dec 2013 • Updated: 12 Dec 2013 | 4 comments
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Need some asistance in configuring CASO With BE 2012.Current enviroment

-One Backup Exec 2012 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.Licensing Per-Terabyte.The server has local B2D storage as well as a Deduplication (Disk) storage.Second Backup Exec 2012 Server will be insalled on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 having a Tale Library.

The ADAMM database as well as the catalogs will be centrilized on the first BE server.The goal is to keep using the curent server for backups and to duplicate jobs on the second server`s tape library 

I have the folowing questions:

1.WIll the Per-Terabyte license cover the second Backup Exec Server (the second server will be used only for makind duplicate jobs to tape for long-term storage)?

2.The first step for configuring is selecting the CASO ooption in enterprise options which disables the option for "managed backup exec server".Can the CASO server be a MBES as well,in the current scenario all the backups are runing without any problem and i want to keep using this server as the primary backup server.

3.The instalation of the second BE server should be done after promoting the CASO and push-installing from the primary server? If so should i use the same user name that is used as the Backup Exec System Logon account on the primary server during the instalation?

4.After the second BE server is installed in the install options on the second BE server the MBES role should be selected telling the MBES who the CASO is? Only now the option for ADAMM and catalog locations is chosen?

5.After all the configuration done can the ADAMM and catalog location be changed from centrilized to distibuted or replicated and what effetc will that change have?


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1) You should check with the Symantec Licencing Dept.  They are the final authority on licencing matters.

2) A server cannot be both a CAS and a MMS.

3) The second server needs to have BE loaded and then it can be converted to a MMS.  You can use the same BESA for this server.

4) When you convert  a media server to a MMS, you have to specify the CAS.

5) Yes. If you centralised everything, then when the CAS goes down, nothing runs.

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Thanks for the reply

Regarding the second question "A server cannot be both a CAS and a MMS"

When configuring a standalone BE server to CASO all the backups so far are kept,all the schedules and configurations are kept and so on................i can continue using the CAS as i had before without any restirctions for backup/restore ?CASO only adds option for centrilizing the backup jobs/media,catalogs,all the rest remains the same i guess.



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...just because the server is now a CASO doesn't mean it can't perform backups. You are correct in your statement. I used a CASO simply as a reporting tool (to a point) and it never ran backups, but there is no removal of functionality when invoking the CASO role.


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3. You can use either BEutility.exe (my personal preference) to point the MMS to the CASO, or do so within BE itself.

5. can switch where the data/catalogs are located after setting this initially. No hassles doing so. it just means that there will be a bit of configuration within BE (and if you centralised, it might mean all that data being copied back to the MMS).

Check below for more information:


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